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Too Young To Understand Murder? Too Young To Play Violent Video Games!

In Slaughter, LA an 8-year-old boy shot his grandmother in the back of her head while she watched TV.

The boy had just finished playing Grand Theft Auto, a video game that gives you points and advancement for the number of “people” you kill.

(Slaughter, LA?  You can’t make this stuff up!)

The boy is 8 years old.  Grandma was 87 or in comparison.

I recall being 8 years old.  That was 3rd grade.

We were learning poems, and playing kickball in gym class.

I may have even had some of those little green plastic army guys that came in a clear plastic bag, but you know what?  They didn’t have any enemies to fight!

We rode bicycles around the neighborhood, climbed trees, played hide-and-seek, tag among many other things but never were even playing a game about “killing” each other or others.

Here is another 8-year-old child that shot his grandma in the head dead.  Now, do you for one minute think he came up with that horrific idea all by his 8-year-old self, or may he have had some help from the violent video game he most likely had been mesmerized by for hours upon hour upon hours while his little 96 month old brain concocted the idea?

We know very well about the Sandy Hook Elementary School killer and how saturated his head was with video games, there is something to this!  Perhaps these monsters are predisposed to violence and potentially murder, if that is the case, we cannot take chances by letting all kids play these games!  In fact, parents need to ban them all until a child is 18 years old!  That sound ridiculous?

Not if it saves even one life senselessly stolen from someone due to a video game!

There are plenty of these games out there that do not promote murdering other human beings, on screen or off!

Parents need to take responsibility!  Not the government, not the schools, not the mental health professionals, the PARENTS!  These games CAN BE dangerous and if banning them from minors saves just one life, we can be safer!

Perhaps some entrepreneurial company or person can get busy making new video games that promote welfare and caring of others!  Kindness, good common sense thinking, values, or can you imagine, peace?  There may just be a market for this old stuff and who knows?  Maybe kids will learn something good and worth while?  You never know.

My heart goes out to the poor woman who was senselessly killed by her 8-year-old grandson.  He will not be tried as an adult, because he “Cannot comprehend what he has done” according to the Law.  Hmmm…if he can’t comprehend REAL KILLING, how in the world did he figure out VIDEO KILLING?  Think about it.

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