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Podcast: Why Physical Fitness Is Key To Raising Balanced Kids

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Laura Cottam Sajbel, who is the mother of three children involved in sports, was intrigued when she met Wella Hartig, the mom of Olympian Aaron Peirsol and his sister, world-class athlete Hayley.

The result was a collaboration that produced Buoyant, a book which shares Wella’s story and her advice about raising two champions, along with some current neuroscience research on the importance of physical fitness for brain health.

Why Physical Fitness is Key to Raising Balanced Kids

  • How might other parents benefit from the lessons of raising these two champions?
  • What are some of the most important take-aways from Buoyant?
  • What is known about the connection between exercise and mental health?
  • How does this apply to parents who are not intending to raise Olympic champions, to families whose emphasis might be academics or music or elsewhere?

To learn more about Laura Cottam Sajbel and her book, Buoyant: How Water and Willpower Helped Wella to Channel Aaron and Hayley Peirsol please visit LauraCottamSajbel.iconosites.com.

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