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Podcast: Fostering Self-Confidence In Kids

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Dr. Frank Sileo is a NJ licensed psychologist and award winning author that will be discussing how to foster self confidence in children. His latest book is Don’t Put Yourself Down In Circus Town: A Story About Self-Confidence.

 Fostering Self-Confidence In Kids

  • What is the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem?
  • How do parents/caregivers foster self-confidence?
  • How can they hinder it?
  • In today’s world of Helicopter parents or the newest term Lawnmower parents help or hinder self-confidence?
  • Why did you write a book on self-confidence?

To learn more about Dr. Sileo, his work, his books, his published articles and podcasts, please visit his website at drfranksileo.com.

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