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Podcast: Guiding Military Parents In School Choice

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Frederick Birkett Ed.M is a Professor at the University of Hawaii’s College of Education and author of The Military Parent’s Guide to Public, Private, and Charter Schools.

This podcast discusses the unique circumstances affecting military families and their children’s education from what makes a child of a military family different when it comes to education to what options are available to military moms/dads when deciding where their kids go to school and much more.

Guiding Military Parents In School Choice

  • How do parents decipher the pros and cons of charters schools versus virtual schools?
  • What questions do parents need to ask to determine whether or not a potential school has effective teachers?
  • What is the Military Compact and why do parents need to know about it?

To contact Professor Frederick Birkett and learn more about his book, “The Military Parent’s Guide to Public, Private, and Charter Schools” please visit MilitaryK-12Families.com.

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