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Awakening the Power of Your Intuition

Podcast: Awakening the Power of Your Intuition

Listen Here: Dr. Judith Orloff MD is a psychiatrist, an intuitive healer and New York Times bestselling author. Her bestsellers are​ The Power of Surrender,​ Emotional Freedom, Second Sight, Positive Energy, and Intuitive Healing. Dr. [...]

Your Destiny Sings In Your Ears At the Darnedest Times

Each time I stand up in front of an audience, I invite every person in the room to accept himself or herself unconditionally. “You are a one time miracle of the universe,” I boldly state. “Accept your height, weight, build, looks, hair, [...]

Ever Chased A Dream?

If you have a dream, something that really excites you, inspires you and maybe keeps you awake at night, I may have some tips to share: Believe with all your heart that it is possible.  We often think of dreams as things most people don’t [...]

Colossal Dreams Take Colossal Actions

While moving through childhood, oftentimes, parents ask their kids, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” Like most children, you didn’t possess a clue. You didn’t know what you faced when you grew up let alone what you might [...]

Podcast: How Dreams Can Help During The Holidays

Listen Here: Dream Coach Pamela Muller is the founder of WisdomofDreams.com. In this podcast, Pamela reveals how to tap into your own intuition & solve real life problems by paying attention to your dreams. Times of high anxiety, like [...]

Podcast: Create Exceptional Health & A Life Of Rich Fulfillment

Listen Here: Tova Payne is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Coach helping people turn their dreams into reality. She combines practical strategic action steps with spiritual practices to help others live a truly rich and fulfilled [...]

Don’t Let Your Life Whiz By, Live It To The Fullest!

Don’t just exist, live your life to the fullest. So often, we find that we live our lives on autopilot, just going through the motions and having each day pass like the one before it. That’s all fine and comfortable until you reach [...]

Podcast: How To Get Visibly Fit

Listen Here: Fitness & Wellness Expert, Wendie Pett, has been teaching her Visibly Fit™ wellness program and philosophies for almost 15 years and has worked with countless numbers of people to reach their weight-loss goals and keep [...]

How Bad Do You Want It? Or, Is It Too Hard To Do?

Success isn’t going to happen overnight. If you really think so, don’t be disappointed the next morning to see that it did not happen. There is no quick fix.  There is no secret.  It just takes commitment. Sometimes, you like the [...]

Podcast: What Is Personal Power & How Can You Find It?

Listen Here: Lone Morch is an author, fine art photographer, speaker and creative catalyst, Lone Morch is a freedom activist and has for many years been an advocate for women’s voice, visibility and (self) value. She is the Award-winning [...]

Live Life To The Fullest

Reports say that gas prices have dropped .10 to .14 in some places. For starters, I am going to take it there:  To those who believe, the Bible says that we should take no thought in saying, what shall we eat? Or what shall we drink? Or, where-withal [...]

Thoughts On A Milestone Birthday

Don’t panic; you haven’t missed my birthday. It’s still two months away so there is plenty of time to shop. But it’s a milestone number (if anyone asks, I’m 50) and my husband is retiring in a couple of weeks so I am feeling reflective. I’m [...]

Podcast: 3 Keys To Empowering Yourself For Success

Listen Here: Dr. EK Prescott has been an educator for over thirty years. She has been a teacher, principal, national consultant, speaker, researcher and professor as well as a new author of a historical fiction mystery series: The Ivy League [...]

Dressing for Success: Can You Imagine?

What you can imagine can come true. And, when it does, what do you do? I experienced a part of my dream with the publication of my first book, a historical fiction mystery series. Writing a book is really good, publishing it is even better, [...]

Dream Big!

The first step: Dream big! Dream Big and Pray Bold (Joel Osteen) Dream Big! & Be Bold (Asara Lovejoy) Dream Big & Act Bold (Dr. Katie) Are you ready to dream big and pray, Be, or act bold?  Or even all three?  Your form of prayer may [...]

The Year Of Dream Fulfillment

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in miracles is your life? If not, why not? We have often been trained to believe that miracles are something out of the ordinary, when in fact, they are the things we have asked for in our lives that [...]

Using Dream Interpretation To Your Advantage

Lately I have been reading about dream interpretation. I used to try and decode my dreams a few years ago. I stopped soon after realizing how neurotic and anxiety-ridden I must have been due to reoccurring nightmares of my teeth falling out. [...]

Dreams: A Snapshot to Your Future

“It’s just a dream dear, go back to sleep.” Nightmares are a scary part of childhood that we eventually out-grow.  Many people don’t have a clue as to what causes these night terrors.  As a matter of fact, many people think dreams [...]

What If The Life You Really Want Were Possible?

Dreaming of meeting the love of your life, having financial security, or traveling the world, yet feeling it is impossible? Well then, welcome to a wonderful group called humanity! You see, within each of us are secret desires of our heart. [...]