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Live Life To The Fullest

Reports say that gas prices have dropped .10 to .14 in some places.

For starters, I am going to take it there:  To those who believe, the Bible says that we should take no thought in saying, what shall we eat?

Or what shall we drink? Or, where-withal shall we be clothed?  (Matthew 6:31).  This includes worrying about fluctuating gas prices.

God’s plan is for us to live life more abundantly, and for Him to do all the worrying. Therefore, we have a right to enjoy it.

Seek Him first the kingdom and all things will be added.  This means that everything else will be taken care of when you seek Him first.

Now that I have your attention, what is the one thing that you desire to do?

Whatever it is, write it down, and find ways to get your dream started.  The best resources to have are the friends around you that may know a little bit about what you are going to get into.

The library is the second best resource to have when it comes to finding the information needed.  In this day in age, there is also the computer- the matrix of all information given and there is no stopping it.

For what you want, put money aside from each paycheck if possible to build your nest egg.

As we all know, things are bound to happen during the time that you are trying to save for this venture you are embarking on.  If in the event that this happens, the best suggestion for this is to take a few jars, mark them as each jar of importance (i.e. car, phone, gas etc) then you will know what not to touch.

Sort of like robbing Peter to pay Paul and it’s coming from you and not the banks or loan offices.  There are also ways to do things that don’t cost anything to do like going to the park with family and having a picnic.  If there is money left over then there is a possibility of splurging if you want or can.

No need to take out of your 401K or pawn anything to make ends meet.  There are such things as gift giving.  Do you remember the movie “Pay It Forward”?  If we learn to help other people, other people will help us when we are in need.  Your better job is a job that you love to do.

Wait to give your boss a two weeks notice.

Reach out to the corporate execs and shoot them with your idea, give them a reason to listen, give it to them without selling yourself, but the product, and believe in what you know.  Your vacations will come later.

Most importantly, do not live beyond your means, watch your spending habits, and do not try to keep up with the Jones’ material things.  What is yours will be yours.

Stacey Barlow is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.