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Thoughts On A Milestone Birthday

Don’t panic; you haven’t missed my birthday.

It’s still two months away so there is plenty of time to shop. But it’s a milestone number (if anyone asks, I’m 50) and my husband is retiring in a couple of weeks so I am feeling reflective.

I’m really a little annoyed with myself because it seems I have frittered away decades not doing things I am pretty sure I would have loved to do.

So I am asking myself why didn’t I:

  • Buy a Mustang – preferably a convertible
  • Try out for more plays
  • Dance more
  • Realize I was cute when I was young
  • Throw more parties
  • Go back to Hawaii
  • Get outside more
  • Learn to speak Spanish
  • Learn about investing (I could have been rich and bought a classic Mustang)
  • Plant more flowers
  • Light the candles on the table even if we were having hot dogs

It’s a good thing I look for ways to bring more happiness into our lives.

It’s too late to go back and be a confident 22-year-old, but I could be a cute little old lady who dines by candlelight. I could at least look at Mustangs. The 2001 Saturn is on its last legs (if a car had legs).  Well, you get the picture. What secret dreams could you still fulfill right now? What car would you be driving if you didn’t need that van?

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