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Dressing for Success: Can You Imagine?

What you can imagine can come true.

And, when it does, what do you do? I experienced a part of my dream with the publication of my first book, a historical fiction mystery series. Writing a book is really good, publishing it is even better, but then what?

If you want to keep your dream going (think New York Best Seller List) then you need to market, market, market. So now I find myself reviewing my own words to dress for success.

I have been traveling signing books and giving presentations, attending book fairs, and even pod cast interviews on Youtube, plus guest blog posts. How do I prepare myself to dress for success for each venue? Even though I present at numerous types of venues, there are some things in common when I prepare. I found myself revisiting what I have written in my previous Dressing for Success blogs. I thought I would share some of these with you.

I took my advice seriously:

Love Yourself: Ok, I love myself enough that I believe in myself. I believed in myself that I could write a very good book and it would eventually make the New York Best Seller List. YES!!!!!

Feel Comfortable in my Own Skin: This was interesting for me to review, because at my age I am not the size 10 with wrinkle free skin I relished until about age 55. I have had to learn to love my matronly frame, and feel good about who I am now. And I do!

Train Thy Brain: Well there are many parts to this phrase, but the one I have chosen to write about is how I prepared for each venue. I pictured in my mind how I wanted people to perceive me and then, how do I act, what do I say, and how do I look?  I visualized how I would stand or sit, at what voice pitch would I communicate, what do I want to wear for the best effect, how do I want to apply my makeup for the effect I desire, and how do I want to interact? I answered all of these in detail, but better yet I visualized me in the situation, like a movie, working through various scenarios.

A real life example:

I recently reviewed a podcast interview on Youtube by filmcourage.com about how to write historical fiction. Knowing that I would be sitting, the camera would be close, and I would be answering questions unrehearsed off the top of my head (as well as film not edited), I began my mental preparation.

My eye contact, my demeanor, my dress, my makeup, my clothes, my hair etc, all would be very important. Then what came out of my mouth would be imperative. I knew I needed to talk what I considered slow, be very articulate, and feel at ease when answering all questions.

Thus I began – I laid out my clothes and make up and walked through the event as if it was happening the day before. Not being a professional actress, but one who has presented many times this was not a totally new experience for me. I knew strategies to calm my mind and keep me focused and not get overly excited or anxious.

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