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Podcast: How Dreams Can Help During The Holidays

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Dream Coach Pamela Muller is the founder of WisdomofDreams.com.

In this podcast, Pamela reveals how to tap into your own intuition & solve real life problems by paying attention to your dreams.

Times of high anxiety, like the holiday season, can make your dreams more intense.

How Dreams Can Help During The Holidays

  • How can dreams help us during the holidays?
  • How might holiday stress show up in our dreams?
  • What are the basics of dream interpretation? How can I learn to work with my dreams?
  • What is dream coaching? How is it different from interpretation?
  • What are some common dreams (examples) you can share that can help listeners right now?

You can connect with Pamela on Facebook, and if you “Like” the fan page for Wisdom of Dreams, you will get a post each morning from her Daily Dream Dictionary.

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