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The Year Of Dream Fulfillment

Do you believe in miracles?

Do you believe in miracles is your life? If not, why not?

We have often been trained to believe that miracles are something out of the ordinary, when in fact, they are the things we have asked for in our lives that we have been taught not to expect.

No one taught us this out of meanness or uncaring – these are some of the beta-mind things we are taught to ‘protect’ us from disappointment or other limitations.

Did you ever hear anyone tell you something like, I know you want to be, do or have something in your life, but that is really beyond your reach because you are too old, too young, too tall, too short, too fat, too thin?

At the age of 14, I decided I wanted a professional skater.

I was told by my ice-skating coach that I was starting way too late, and I was way too old for my dream.

And you know, there was a lot of evidence to make this ‘true’. By 14, I ‘should’ have already been on track for the Olympics – because I didn’t just want to be able to skate, I wanted to be a great skater and travel the world with the Ice Capades or something like that. My coach told me this dream was impossible.

My parents on the other hand, always told me that I could be, do or have whatever I set my mind to. I soon realized that getting to the Olympics involved a whole lot more of my life than I was willing to trade for that particular dream. I loved skating and it was a great past-time for a number of years. What I found out for myself however, was that the most important part of that dream for me personally was not the skating part as much as it was the traveling the world part of the dream – and that part has been more than fulfilled.

I have traveled, worked and lived around the world.

I have consulted with major global corporations and taught in educational settings. I was in Russia when it was the still the USSR. I was in China in the 80’s and then again in the 2000’s and saw an amazing change. What miracles were being served in my life was the capacity for a woman without ‘means’ to become a world traveler by having doors along my path open to me.

The Peace Corps was my start – I got to south Asia during a time of major shift and upheaval. I got to see the world through others and take a fresh look at my own opportunities. I found a determination even I didn’t know I had inside – and that was the best miracle – coming from being a very shy and insecure little girl. I found the doorways to my success and fulfillment and walked right through them.

So what about you? Are your dreams all fulfilled?  If not, why not?

This is the time on our planet to Live Big!  This is the year to start living the life you have always wanted. Our new science demonstrates everyday that our only limitations are the ones we have learned from others and stored in our programming. Epigenetics demonstrates that we also have within us the capacity to become and do what we have always dreamed of.

What is your dream? Will you walk boldly toward it this year?

Dr. Katie

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