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How Bad Do You Want It? Or, Is It Too Hard To Do?

Success isn’t going to happen overnight.

If you really think so, don’t be disappointed the next morning to see that it did not happen.

There is no quick fix.  There is no secret.  It just takes commitment.

Sometimes, you like the idea, but the work, not so much.  Liking the idea and being committed are two different things.

If you are committed to wanting it you will live and breathe your steps to your goal.

One day the committed ones actually do it and achieve their goal.

Most people aren’t willing to make sacrifices to get what they really want.  They like to daydream about it but not take the necessary steps forward.  Anything worth having is worth the effort you need to put into it.

Bottom line, the successful ones do what the unsuccessful ones are not willing to do.

Those who like the idea of doing something will quit after failing once or twice.

They will say “It’s just too hard or just not meant to be”.  The committed folks do not stop when failures pop up and they always do, they get up and try again.

They work for what they want despite the long road and many setbacks.

Ordinary people usually want what others have, but don’t realize how much work is really involved.  They like what they see, but simply do not want to do all the work involved.  Excuses come later for why they could not meet goal on what they want.  That is not a commitment.

Do you really want it and are you willing to really commit to it by giving it everything you have for it?

How bad do you want it?

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