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Linda Leon


Linda Leon is a marketing professional and entrepreneur. You can learn about her at www.thewealthsolutions.com. She has worked in management and as a producer in the communications industry since 1978. This industry has given her a very broad spectrum of media skills from writing books to producing television and radio programs. Her first book was published in 1988. Linda’s television and radio work over the years has gone international and has reached over 80 million households. She has a degree in Business Economics and a Certified Nutritionist designation. She is also a professional ghostwriter and was a columnist for United Press International for 4 years. She is a prolific writer with hundreds of posts on line that have accumulated a readership of over 250,000. She is the author of the books Publishing and Publicity for Smart People and Rock Star Marketing for the Emerging Author. Linda’s greatest joy in life is serving God and being a wonderful wife and awesome mother.

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Posts by Linda Leon:

  • How Creative Are You?

  • How Creative Are You?September 12th, 2016
    Are you creative in business? There are a lot of successful businesses but all businesses do not flow out of the creative model. There are innovators -the creatives. And there are improvisationalist – the copiers. Both [...]

  • I’m Addicted to Social Media – Help Me

  • I'm Addicted to Social Media - Help MeAugust 11th, 2016
    I’m a Social Media Addict – Help me Social media is the drug of choice for the millennial generation.  Don’t believe it’s a drug?  See if this describes you – compulsive need for social media, habit forming [...]

  • Are You Frustrated in Business?

  • Are You Frustrated in Business?June 22nd, 2016
    Life has a way of putting you in a vice and squeezing. For many people that squeezing makes them quit, for others it can cause depression and yet for others it can cause frustration. Between the three, frustration is [...]

  • Authenticity – True Code for Success

  • Authenticity - True Code for SuccessMay 16th, 2016
    Authenticity is the most powerful business concept you can possibly employ. Mess that concept up and you will either spend years doing damage control or your business will fail.  Authenticity evolves around representing [...]

  • Social Media is “Not Working”? Got Solution.

  • Social Media is "Not Working"? Got Solution.April 15th, 2016
    We live in a world of posts, likes, follows and content. Within that window we are constantly being directed to be the best voice, have the best content and build that ever-illusive audience. We become a part of a social [...]

  • Read All About My E-Book And Why Nobody Does

  • February 26th, 2013
    If you are not getting good e-book downloads on your free days, maybe you gave too much of the story away in your description. Everyday I get lists of new books written by independent authors. I love getting the lists. [...]

  • 5 Quick Ways To Get More Content & Organize It

  • January 25th, 2013
    Content is king. Now that Google has declared that content is king that leaves most of us in a position to find those valuable sources of information to repopulate websites, blogs and all things related to online activity. [...]

  • Pinning for Scared Folks Over 40 Part 2

  • January 14th, 2013
    It has only been a few weeks since I started pinning. Now I want to kick myself and say what was all that pin-phobia about. If you are over 40 and you want to know about social media, it is highly recommended that you [...]

  • Twenty-Five Hours In A Day

  • December 29th, 2012
    My son and I were joking about a calendar he told me about. He said on the outside it looked like a normal 2013 calendar but on the inside when you flipped to January it was blank.  Every month was blank. In case you [...]

  • Boo! So You Want To Become A Ghostwriter?

  • December 19th, 2012
    I sat looking out my office window one blustery, eerie, day. Drifting in thought from desperately going through the avalanche of emails in my in box,  I was clicking delete faster than a raven can fly. Suddenly my finger [...]

  • Pinning For Scared Folks Over 40

  • December 12th, 2012
    I reached a “Ta Dah” moment the other day when I finally opened the log in page and displayed my first pin. Felt like I won the Olympics. Honestly, for me it was a real big deal. I was actually signed up for [...]