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Were You Wrong About Mr. Right?

You’ve met “the guy!” He loves you!  He’s “all you ever wanted!”  He loves your friends!  He loves your family!  They all love him! You are so happy, fulfilled and finally where you always wanted to be!  Suddenly, you sense [...]

Too Young To Understand Murder? Too Young To Play Violent Video Games!

In Slaughter, LA an 8-year-old boy shot his grandmother in the back of her head while she watched TV. The boy had just finished playing Grand Theft Auto, a video game that gives you points and advancement for the number of “people” you kill. (Slaughter, [...]

What’s REAL-LY Happening?

I have a real problem.  It is really, really bothering me and for real it’s getting worse! It all came boiling up in me today!  I saw one of those “Buy on TV” commercials and couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  It [...]

A Stroll Down “Memory Lane” Shows Signs Of Wellness For The Brain!

Finally!  I feel absolutely vindicated for being the nostalgic, hopeless romantic that “lives in the past” frequently revisiting those “Good Old Days,” and now I know why! Are you a “Frequent Flier” to thoughts [...]

More Women Dying From Painkiller Overdose Than Ever Before

The rise of prescription pain pill abuse and dependence is no surprise anymore. Adolescents and adults are so over-taken by this epidemic that substance abuse facilities, counselors’ offices, and funeral parlors are seeing more and more [...]

Targeting Fear In Parents For Profit

I saw a very disturbing commercial on television today. I actually had to check to see if I was dreaming or not because this commercial was simply so unbelievable, so pathetic, so not what Americans needs for its children today, that a Reality [...]

What Happened To The “Wow” Factor?

Remember being a kid? Well, let me be more specific, those of you who are between 40 and say, 60 do you remember “wow” factors?  They consisted of going out at night, visiting the local drug store that had racks of comic books [...]

NJ Bill S2828 Right Arrow, Wrong Target

Very recently New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, approved a Bill (S2828) allotting some 2 million dollars to allow several counties to enforce mental health treatment via the court system. In other words, individuals suffering with psychosis [...]

Paris Jackson Or Jane Doe: Teenage Suicide A World Health Problem To Be Taken Seriously!

There is certainly something very wrong when a teenager attempts to or commits suicide! So young, so much life ahead, so much to look forward to. Why then is teenage suicide among one of the world’s leading health problems? What is going [...]

Why Am I So Possessive?

Let’s face the facts; many of us are very possessive of our love interests. What is really going on when we feel like this? You need to know. Why? Because it is absolutely not mentally healthy. When we feel possessive we are really [...]

The “5 Minute” And “10 Year Rule” To Easier Living

We all have found ourselves in very angering situations. These situations invariably always involve other people.  Be it a co-worker, family member, spouse, driver, store clerk, and the list can go on and on forever. The inconsiderate fool [...]

Crazy vs. Cunning

Being in the field of psychology and mental disorders, I watch the court and news stations with silent frustration. I am watching defense attorneys or news-casters talking about rapists, murderers, pedophiles and the like being “mentally ill” [...]

“Hello In There!”

If anyone has been following me, read my book, or been a friend or client of mine knows very well that my prescription for wellness and survival always involves socializing! People need people to grow, succeed, learn, love, prosper and simply be [...]

Parenting In A Pill

As a Licensed Therapist, this news makes my blood boil! As an author, this news reaffirms what I have been saying for years.  One “Diagnosis De Jour” is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or better known as ADHD by too [...]

Hidden Messages

Victoria’s got a secret, but it’s out now and for parents, it’s not good. Well I’m not a parent, but I do work with many parents and their children, and Victoria’s Secret (among other clothing manufacturers) seem [...]

Worry, Be Happy?

Do you know any miserable people? Those who are just so negative, so nasty, so unhopeful that you just can’t stand listening to them?  These are the folks who seem to live forever, while positive people with all good thoughts and intentions [...]

Big Bird Vs. The Power Rangers

The debate has been on-going for years. The debate about children watching violence on TV and how it may be affecting their behaviors may finally be over, and the news is not good!  However, the future can be better! Consider this, the average [...]

Bullying: As Bad As Domestic Violence

The issue of bullying is all over the news and internet. This is far more damaging than the bullying of the past, with social media, texting, sexting and all the other current ways that kids can hurt other kids. Because children of violent homes [...]

You Can Lower The Risk Of Autism!

One in 88 children in the United States is born Autistic.* Why?  What is causing this epidemic among America’s children?  Scientists still cannot explain it, and the rise has been quite evident over the past decade.  As a therapist, [...]

“Dog Gone” Amazing!

“Who let the dog out?” Whoever did, thank you!  These days, more and more people are advocating for, concerned about, and loving their dogs. Our canine babies are quickly gaining very special status among pet owners and doing such [...]

Energy Drinks – Full Of Bull?

Energy drinks are everywhere these days! Apparently a good “Cup of Joe” doesn’t cut it like it used to. These beverages are everywhere from bodegas to barrooms!  What’s the draw?  Do we really need so much energy to [...]

I’m CRAZY! Can You Help Me Now?

A very disturbing, yet relevant article was in the New Jersey Star-Ledger* recently. Front page, in fact!  I’m very glad about this!  More and more, health care insurance companies are being exposed for the non-medical, organized criminals [...]

We Need to “Disarm” Insurance Companies!

The true culprit. We have heard and read “ad nauseum” about gun control, mental health, parenting, who is responsible for such tragedies as the Newtown, CT shootings, blame, blame, blame.  This is insanity.  Video games,  The [...]

We Don’t Need New Year’s Eve To Tell Us What To Do

Whew, the Holidays are over! The hype, hoot and hollar can now be put away in the attic along with all of the decorations and unwanted gifts we received.  Perhaps you got the perfect tie, or the book you’ve been dying to read.  Maybe [...]

The Video Game Dilemma

Video games and isolation. As the families and nation begin the long mourning process of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, we learn more about the killer…I write this in no way to glorify that person, but to educate people as [...]

Sandy Hook Massacre, Another Demand for Social Change!

A senseless tragedy. Nothing is more sad, horrific, senseless and devestating as what happed on Decemebr 14th at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. What in the world causes a 20 year old man to go on a rampage where 20 children [...]

How Far Does “Blue Blood” Go Today?

This has to be the saddest, most obscene tragedy on many, many levels, that the modern world has ever known! Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse caring for Prince William’s wife, Catherine, treating her morning sickness, received a prank phone [...]

You Can’t BUY INTO Christmas!

Oh yes….soon, perhaps too soon after Halloween, society is literally pushed into Christmas! Sigh! One can’t even catch their breath between Halloween and Thanksgiving before the same old 12 songs are on the radio, and all of the retailers [...]

When the Music’s Over…

We all know how exilerating it is when we…..Fall in Love, don’t we? We miraculously become the person we believe we were “meant to be!”  We don’t over eat, we aren’t bothered by people that normally bother [...]

Don’t Shop, ADOPT! (Jenny’s Story)

We have 4 dogs. On Facebook and in “real life,” everyone knows about our Saint Bernards.  My wife Cori and I have 3 of them.  We seem to show them all of our attention “on line,” but… then, there is Jenny! Cori saved Jenny in [...]

Don’t “Talk Turkey,” Give Thanks

Oh how I loathe hearing the words….”Happy Turkey Day.” I loathe the expression not only because I know that turkeys are ready, willing and able to be loving pets for those lucky enough to be able to house them, but also because [...]

Driving, You Crazy?!

Do you want the “secret” to knowing how to read someone’s true personality? The method I’m about to share with you is 100% accurate in every way, shape and form!  Save yourself hundreds of dollars in books, seminars [...]

Brides-to-Be, Be Sure to Have Wedding Day “Shoes” That Help You Run!

Have you, or any one you’ve known had those proverbial “Cold Feet” before their wedding day? Well, research from Justin Lavner has revealed to LiveScience.com that those pedicured feet may need more than warmth, but rather running shoes. Brides-to-Be [...]

Rocky Mountain High-er

Amendment 64 was passed in Colorado this week, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. “Wow man!!  That’s so so cool!”  Many people are celebrating this event while others shake their heads in disbelief.  Production [...]

How To Beat Your Post-Election Blues

So we have a new President. Or, better stated, our President has been re-elected.  Do we “congratulate,” or “co-miserate?”  Many people don’t know, many people are very disappointed while many celebrate.  It was a very close contest, [...]