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Hidden Messages

Victoria’s got a secret, but it’s out now and for parents, it’s not good.

Well I’m not a parent, but I do work with many parents and their children, and Victoria’s Secret (among other clothing manufacturers) seem to be crossing the line of dignity and decency at the expense of Society and our children.

If I were a parent, I would have a huge problem with Victoria’s Secret’s new line of “Bright Young Things,” which is an underwear campaign targeted toward middle school-aged girls.

Thongs and skimpy undergarments for children,  yes children.  Would any father of a 15-year-old feel good about his daughter wearing a thong that reads, “Feeling Lucky?”  If the answer is “yes”, you are sick!  I’m sorry, but there is a huge gap between “Hello Kitty” underwear and thongs that read “Wild”, “Call Me”, “Now or Never”, and “Feeling Lucky”.

In all fairness, the sexualization of children is not just Victoria’s Secret’s doing.  Many other “fashion” companies are pushing our kid’s into sexuality as well.  What gives?

According to The Week, Vol. 13, Issue 612, adolescent females already are pushed to grow up too fast and “unhappy with their bodies by the age of 17, struggling with eating disorders”.  My theory is that every 7 years, childhood gains (or loses) 2 years.  In other words, in 2006, an 8 year old who biologically should be 15, is expected to act as a 17 year old.  Soon, there will be no kids anymore!  

Amanda Marcotte in Slate.com believes we should all “get a reality check!”  She argues that parents shouldn’t expect their middle school girls to be wearing Underoos or Hello Kitty panties anymore!  Why?  Marcotte also called adults “delusional for denying the sexuality of teenage girls” and supports their intelligence and ability to make rational decisions at their age, including the decision to sport suggestive underwear.  Adolescents are far from “brain-developed,” and have very little practical knowledge when it comes to how to live safely and responsibly.

While I agree that 13-17 year olds are not going to be fans of wearing anything “underneath” their clothes advertising cartoon characters, there seems to me there is some very grey area here!  Why should our teens go from cartoons to pornographic messages?  There still exists underwear in the world, no?!

The proverbial “Bottom Line” here is that young teens represent about $335 billion of spending power according to retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar in www.theblacksphere.net.  That’s a lot of thongs, a lot of suggestive messages on our teenagers’ butts and private areas, and too little care for our precious children and Society’s well-being!  This is corporate exploitation of our children, and parents (caring ones!) must be aware, awake and on-top of what “Hidden Messages” our kids may be “hiding” under their clothes!  “Vicky’s Bright Young Things,” is a sick, pedophilec euphamism cashing in on impressionable teens….our, your daughters…that don’t even have driver’s licenses yet!

My up-coming book, Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death, is “all-over” this topic among many others that are suffocating our Society today!

There are many petitions “on-line” to fight ole “Vicky’s Bright Young Things!”  Find them, sign them, and keep your most precious angels free from greedy, ruthless, sick-minded corporations and predators now!

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