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You Can Lower The Risk Of Autism!

One in 88 children in the United States is born Autistic.*

Why?  What is causing this epidemic among America’s children?  Scientists still cannot explain it, and the rise has been quite evident over the past decade.  As a therapist, I too have seen this rise in Autism, as well as numerous other childhood diagnoses rise over the years.  I do not buy into medicating our children for every single thing that causes difficulty in parenting!  However, that seems to be the trend.  My next book, Socialcide (TM) will address the reasons why in more detail.  But, for now, there is some good news.

Researchers in Norway have found that pregnant women can significantly reduce their risk of having Autistic children by taking folic acid supplements¹.  This is tremendous news!  This recent study has found that women who began taking Folic Acid Supplements four weeks prior to conception through the first 8 weeks of pregnancy were 40% less likely to give birth to a child with Autism!

85,000 women were studied during pregnancy through birth between 2002 and 2008.  These findings are quite significant, and according to Columbia University epidemiologist Ian Lipkin quoted in NPR.org, a “huge effect.”

Additionally, these findings suggest that simply eating a healthy diet with leafy vegetables, beans and whole grains (which all include Folic Acid) is not enough.  You should take supplements as well to decrease the possibility of having a child with Autism!

While our children are being “diagnosed” with more and more things, and pharmaceutical companies rush to find answers, we must look at what we are doing and how it is impacting the children being born today.  Indeed, there is something going on with our children.  However, forcing medication on them to make life easier for ourselves is absolutely not the answer!

This study offers hope and a holistic approach to reducing a life of misery for our children!  Take it to heart, love your kids, and before medicating, speak to a professional who supports the path of least resistance!

* Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Autism

¹ Source: SpringerLink: The Effect of Folic Acid on GABAA-B 1 Receptor Subunit

More Info: Medicalxpress.com, PBS.org

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