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Difference Between An Average Life Vs. A Spectacular Life

Difference Between An Average Life Vs. A Spectacular Life

Do you work a nine to five disinteresting job? Do you watch four hours of television everyday after work? Are your weekends filled with powerboats, beer and grilled ribs? Do you lust for the thrill of the NFL season? Will you be remembered for [...]

How To Empty Your Emotional Backpack When It Gets Too Heavy

Each winter I load my backpack up for mountaineering skiing to 10th Mountain Huts in the Rocky Mountains. I load survival gear to make sure I don’t die while I cross-country up to the top of 13,000-foot mountains at 40 below zero. In the summers, [...]

Death: A Tight Shoe Taken Off So You Can Find A New Way To Dance

Last year, seven of my lifelong friends made their transition back to the greater dimensions of the universe. One very young and the rest spread across a time line of decades. Each lived a spectacular life. You might say that each died with [...]

Do You Look Forward To Each Day In Your Life?

When we don’t look forward to something, when we simply don’t enjoy it, we are not living in the present moment. It’s like life is rushing past us and we feel we are simply waiting for something more interesting to come along. [...]

Am I Allowed To Feel Joy?

Interesting question, isn’t it? You’d be surprised at how many people would answer “Why yes, of course we deserve to feel joy all the time!”, but do not walk their talk. We live in a culture that is infatuated with planning for the future, [...]

Have You Ever Been “Tickled” At Your Own Life?

How many times during the course of the day do you catch yourself actually laughing? Laughing is  very good for your overall health and attitude. It releases a lot of emotions, helps you to visibility relax and recharges the soul and on top [...]

Podcast: Discover Confidence, Calm & Courage NOW

Listen Here: Life Coach Posy Gering who is shares her surprising secrets of enjoying life more in her upcoming book, The Next You, Discovering Confidence, Calm, and Courage, Now. In this podcast, Posy discusses what holds you back from enjoying [...]

Who Put The Question Mark On My TelePrompTer?

One evening as I sat and watched the news the story they were talking about caught my attention. They were interviewing a news reporter who went through an experience with his teleprompter that disrupted an interview he was doing. What was supposed [...]

You Really Ought To Write A Book

Is “Write a Book” on your bucket list? When I began helping people make their book dreams a reality, I quickly learned something very important. There are no ordinary people. Every single person I have met is extraordinary in some [...]

Book Review: Sophie’s Squash By Pat Zietlow Miller, Illustrated By Anne Wilsdorf

Sophie’s parents take her to a farmers’ market to pick some food for dinner. But on the way home, Sophie discovers that her squash is the perfect size for holding, and hugging, and rocking to sleep. After a quick call for pizza delivery, [...]

Podcast: Create A Healthy Work/Life Balance

Listen Here: Janet Bernstein who in 2009 was a newly separated stay-at-home mom in her early forties with no money, career, or education. Today, she’s an Ivy League graduate, owns one of Philadelphia’s most successful professional [...]

Revelations: The Importance Of Reconnecting, Remembrance & Reflection

October was an odd month for me, it was at it’s a core a month of remembrance. Early in the month, I was contacted via FB by someone who was seeking out an Alison he once knew and based upon our subsequent heartfelt, albeit short-lived, correspondence [...]

Are You Going Through A Midlife Crisis?

As you transition through life, you are making many changes and going through many different stages. With a life expectancy of 78 (5 years longer for women), when you turn about 40, you are entering what is known as middle age. Everyone goes [...]

Your Best Teacher May Be Somebody You Don’t Like

We’ve all come across people in our life that rub us the wrong way. The neighbor who’s irritated by the fact that your dog’s relieving itself on their lawn. The clerk who’s more interested in talking to her colleague than helping you [...]

How Do You Find JOY In Your Life?

Joy is a feeling that is so exquisite you don’t know how to contain yourself. You begin to feel it so deep within you and it feels so in tune with the present moment. If you let yourself dream, slowly the joy will begin and a new hope [...]

Podcast: Create Exceptional Health & A Life Of Rich Fulfillment

Listen Here: Tova Payne is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Coach helping people turn their dreams into reality. She combines practical strategic action steps with spiritual practices to help others live a truly rich and fulfilled [...]

Awareness That Counts

As I sat down to watch Sunday night football recently with my husband I was caught off guard by the amount of pink on the field. Helmets dressed in pink, pink socks, pink ribbons and so much more. Turning to my husband I asked them what they [...]

Don’t Let Your Life Whiz By, Live It To The Fullest!

Don’t just exist, live your life to the fullest. So often, we find that we live our lives on autopilot, just going through the motions and having each day pass like the one before it. That’s all fine and comfortable until you reach [...]

Waiting For Life’s Storms To Pass

Stress Fighter tip #7: Weathering life’s storms. Sometimes when life is hitting us pretty hard the best thing we can do to fight the stress that comes with it is bow our heads, say a prayer and weather the storm. In other words, we need to [...]

Podcast: Adventures With Dad

Listen Here: Lee Gale Gruen is an actress and author of the heartwarming memoir, Adventures with Dad: A Father and Daughter’s Journey Through a Senior Acting Class After retiring from a 37 year career as a probation officer, at the age [...]

Podcast: Living Simple, Free And Happy

Listen Here: Are you feeling overwhelmed by your home, your schedule or your finances? I’d like you to meet Cristin Frank, author of Living Simple, Free and Happy and founder of the lifestyle blog, Eve of Reduction. Living Simple, [...]

Do You Rush Around Each Day?

Simply put, when you rush through life, you forget to live in the NOW. You miss out on precious moments in your life and one thing about it, you can not get a replay of your time. Maybe, a few suggestions to slow down: Do less, and focus on [...]

Madness Uprooted

It has been a minute since I have written. Things these days don’t have to be about me but, preferably time with members of my family. The movie “The Butler” is a must see movie. What I can tell you is that it is a history lesson for everyone [...]

Dancing With The Fly Strip Of Stress

Stress Fighter tip #6: Don’t tangle with the fly strip. One day as I was doing something in my office I was so pre-occupied with my task at hand that I wasn’t paying attention to outside elements. Elements such as the sticky fly strip I [...]

How Do You Put JOY Into Your Life?

Happiness is not something you buy at the mall. This comes from within yourself. What dreams, desires, feelings or needs of your own have you pushed aside for others? You own your life and as you travel down your pathway you can make choices. The [...]

The Celestial Magic Of A Campfire & Friends

To sit around a campfire with a stick while you poke the glowing embers before you, may be one of the most tangible of all visible mysteries of the universe. You stare into pulsing energy that feeds your soul. Warmth comforts your sense of belonging [...]

You Can Be Happy Even If Your World Is Not Perfect Now

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, but means you have decided to look beyond your problems. Enjoying  the present moment is a habit that takes a lot of practice. Just finding reasons to be happy benefits your future. Did [...]

A Longer Hope

Stress fighter tip #5: Hope longer. Shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer I went to a concert with my family. As I sat there enjoying the music I was fighting the tears that wanted to flow down my cheeks. I kept wondering if this was going [...]

Does Praying Help?

Most of us have done a major plea to the Universe when we’re in an extreme situation. “God, help me! I’ve lost control of the car, make me safe, make me safe…” sweating out the seconds until you are finally stopped, shaking and [...]

Jettison The Negative People In Your Life

The other day I was asked to write a blurb for Peter Vajda’s new book, Becoming a Better You. Peter’s preface rocked me.  Check it out… In one of the first jobs I held after graduate school, my boss, John, took me aside and asked, “Why [...]

Podcast: Live The 5 Star Life!

Listen Here: Marjorie Hope Rothstein is a professional Life Stylist, boomer-consumer expert and columnist who focuses on cutting edge breakthroughs in health, wellness and beauty for the boomer consumer. She urges everyone to live the 5 Star [...]

How To Find The Key To Your Happiness!

Could it be, that the key to happiness is to focus less on making moments last and more on making moments count? Just a few tips on finding  your keys to happiness because we all know that our keys go missing from time to time: Try not to [...]

Building Our Own Sandwiches

Once when I was in San Francisco with my sister and niece to eat out, we frequently chose Subway sandwiches. I had eaten there many times before but for some reason this one hunger trip to the restaurant was going to be different. As I watched [...]

Fear Is The Mind-Killer

What do you believe is the most critical factor in your life that keeps you from living the life you desire, reaching your full potential, and enjoying the process along the way? It is clearly and always, your own fear responses. There is a [...]

Podcast: Live An Extraordinary Life By Playing With The World

Listen Here: Shannon Kaiser is a travel writer, life coach, inspirational speaker and author of the book Find Your Happy: An Inspirational Guide to Loving Life to its Fullest. She founded the website PlayWithTheWorld.com to inspire people [...]