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Podcast: Create A Healthy Work/Life Balance

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Janet Bernstein who in 2009 was a newly separated stay-at-home mom in her early forties with no money, career, or education.

Today, she’s an Ivy League graduate, owns one of Philadelphia’s most successful professional organizing companies, is one of only 400 board certified professional organizers worldwide.

Janet shares her story of how sheer determination and hard work can ensure financial freedom while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

 Create A Healthy Work/Life Balance

  • What do you wish you’d known in your twenties and thirties that you know now?
  • How did you turn your life around in such a relatively short amount of time?
  • Can a career mom really have it all?
  • How does a working mom maintain a healthy work/life balance?
  • What are your best tips to keep our homes organized?

To learn more about Janet Bernstein, board certified professional organizer® and owner of Janet Bernstein Organizers based in Philadelphia, please visit  JBOrganizers.com.

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