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Does Praying Help?

Most of us have done a major plea to the Universe when we’re in an extreme situation.

“God, help me! I’ve lost control of the car, make me safe, make me safe…” sweating out the seconds until you are finally stopped, shaking and profusely thanking the Almighty for saving you, and adding you’ll never do “that” again

Moments later, you’re swearing at the driver who won’t let you into the traffic lane totally forgetting the intimate exchange you’ve just had with your Creator.  Talking on a spiritual level has absolutely no place in our lives – in our world – unless we WANT IT to.

In today’s world, the likelihood of someone approaching you and asking, “Hey, have you prayed today?” is zero unless they’re dressed in a suit and knocking at your door on a Saturday morning.  With today’s distractions and speed of life, and the fact there’s no one around telling you to, taking time out to pray – to reflect on who you are and what you are doing – is real hard to do.

Is prayer important?

I think so.  It’s the opportunity to take time out to gain clarity, to get the clear picture of where you stand with yourself and the “Greater than you”.  Sometimes this picture has shadows that are not so pretty to look at and we all have them.  But we have light too, and that’s the point here.  If we look enough times, then we slowly begin to understand and feel how the act of praying can transform us: to be a better person in relationship to ourselves and others.

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