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How To Find The Key To Your Happiness!

Could it be, that the key to happiness is to focus less on making moments last and more on making moments count?

Just a few tips on finding  your keys to happiness because we all know that our keys go missing from time to time:

  1. Try not to get caught up in the negatives of the world.
  2. Try not to let stuff that happens determine how your day is going to be.  When you feel the world has turned against you, don’t react.
  3. Try to be the “driving force” of your day.  Be determined to make your day go as you want it.
  4. Go spend time with others and interact with them so you can get the love and support which is so vital to your happiness.  It is simply amazing how sharing your frustrations with others can help you find the key to your own happiness.

Why not try it?

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