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Podcast: Live An Extraordinary Life By Playing With The World

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Shannon Kaiser is a travel writer, life coach, inspirational speaker and author of the book Find Your HappyAn Inspirational Guide to Loving Life to its Fullest. She founded the website PlayWithTheWorld.com to inspire people to love and live their life to its fullest. In today’s podcast, Shannon discusses how to live an extraordinary life.

Live An Extraordinary Life – Play With The World!

  • What does living an extraordinary life by playing with the world mean to you?
  • So you are a self-help travel writer. What does that mean?
  • You mention in your book Find Your Happy the benefit of making a magic list? What is a magic list?
  • What are some travel trends listeners can look for this year?
  • What are some great places to travel to this summer?
  • If people can’t afford a big trip or don’t have the means to travel what can they do to feel more fulfilled at home?

Please visit Shannon for more inspiration you can get a free guide on how to make your own magic list on PlayWithTheWorld.com —-  just sign up for her free newsletter to get access. You can also get Shannon’s book Find Your Happy: An Inspirational Guide to Loving Life to its Fullest, in bookstores and online.

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