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Who Put The Question Mark On My TelePrompTer?

One evening as I sat and watched the news the story they were talking about caught my attention.

They were interviewing a news reporter who went through an experience with his teleprompter that disrupted an interview he was doing.

What was supposed to be a general statement came out a question when he read it from the teleprompter which had a question mark behind it.

“So, you are John Wayne.” Comes out totally different when read with a question mark, “So, you are John Wayne?”

The minute I heard the news reporter’s statement I thought to myself, ‘that’s the way I feel sometimes with my breast cancer.’

A simple statement such as, “You’re going to make it” comes out totally different when read with a question mark behind it, “You’re going to make it?”

As I sat there looking at the TV I began to wonder, who put the question mark on the teleprompter of my life. Not so willing to raise my hand and confess at the time, I knew in my heart it was me who was doing it. Doubt, fear, wanting to give up, a wrong attitude, and so much more was doing such a thing and I didn’t even know it.

Truly the doubts we allow in, the attitude we latch on to and the fears we permit to take over are things we come up against in many different situations.

Unfortunately we don’t to have stage IV breast cancer to come up against difficult things that puts that question mark on the teleprompter of our life. It’s amazing how a simple thing such as a question mark can change or disrupt the life we were currently living.

Indeed “You’re going to make it” quickly becomes something full of doubt and insecurities if we turn it into a question to be answered, ‘yes, no, or maybe.’ As life is full of uncertainties, surprises around every corner, things that may cause us doubt we don’t have to live that way. We need to stay strong and live as if we are going to make it. It may not secure our future to be true but it certainly secures our hearts and makes the journey easier to travel.

It is this simple task of staying strong and figuring we are going to make it that will keep us moving in the right direction.

A direction away from the question marks and on to a more secure screen in our hearts. A screen that needs to be proofread daily to make sure we haven’t added that question mark by the choices we make regarding our attitudes, fears, and doubts. For truly, a wrong attitude, an out of control fear, and needless doubts can make us question anything, especially when it comes to ourselves.

Therefore we need to take responsibility for who put the question mark on our teleprompter and change it to an exclamation mark of determination and the willingness to give it our all. Each day we need to live our lives knowing the doubts and fears will come but how long we allow them to stay is what really counts.

Take care, take charge, and take off the permanent question mark on the teleprompter of your life and know in your heart, “You are going to make it!”

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