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Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Over the last five years, I have been blessed to be part of an excellent TV series, Niagara’s Most Haunted. It took me to some really neat, historic places on both sides of the Canada / USA border. People often ask, “Gee, you shoot the entire [...]

My Ghost TV Debut

Whether or not you believe in ghosts is not the issue. It’s more about how you see yourself…as a victor or a victim. I just completed filming a new TV project for the Bio Channel called Stalked by a Ghost. Executive Producers Mark Marinaccio [...]

Halloween and the Ghost of People Past

Every year, at all hallows eve… Most kids in America get dressed up in costumes and knock on doors for candy or go to parties and sing “The Monster Mash,’ while eating pretend brain goop slop pouring from carved out pumpkins…in other [...]

Ghost Busting and Space Clearing

Tis’ the season! It is believed that the fall months are the time of the year when the veil between heaven and earth is the thinnest and that the energy of the spirit realm is heightened. Therefore, this time of the year is a good time [...]