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Halloween and the Ghost of People Past

Every year, at all hallows eve…

Most kids in America get dressed up in costumes and knock on doors for candy or go to parties and sing “The Monster Mash,’ while eating pretend brain goop slop pouring from carved out pumpkins…in other words, Halloween. It’s fun. It’s a thrill. It can be scary, too, if you like that kind of thing.

I remember being eleven and putting on frosty pink lipstick every twenty minutes, dressed up as a gypsy—complete with long wig, kerchief, and jangly jewelry.

One year my sister and I spray-painted boxes, white with black dots, cut out holes for arms and stood for six hours as a pair of dice. I felt like Scout, dressed as a Ham in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.” (Going to the bathroom wasn’t easy, I’ll tell ya.’)

But the most memorable Halloween year, before our daughter was born, was when I was in my early thirties. I’d gone to visit a friend in Hackensack, N.J. who lived in a multiplex apartment village. We left her apartment at about four p.m. to walk to her car, one block away in the parking lot.

Picture this—two apartment buildings separated by one street between them—and an adjacent block where she and I walked and talked. She was to my left, as were the two buildings and the street that separated them.

A few small children, just getting out of school and ready with their costumes, started to walk across the street from us with their parents. They were cute, with their masks and little pumpkin candy bag holders. Other than that, it was rather quiet.

As I turned to listen to my friend talk, I saw a kid ZOOM on his bike so fast he was uber blurred. I thought he was going crash.

“WOW!” I blurted to my friend, grabbing her shoulder. “Did you see tha…”

I turned to look left and right, to and fro, up and down the only block there was, but there was no one. No one. Not a single soul, princess, Darth Vader, or pirate was on the street at this point. Two streets in full view and then I realized. That ‘kid’ on a bike WAS a kid at some point in time, who must have once been on a bike.

But why did it surprise me so much? I ‘see’ dead people, Angels, and Spirits, too…all the time during my intuitive channeling sessions to people. Why did it ‘wow’ me so much?

Because seeing it at all is always a ‘wow’ factor for me, ESPECIALLY on Halloween.

People ask me all the time what’s it like to ‘see’ ghosts. Okay, let’s get it straight. Ghosts are not like Casper. They’re SPIRITS. Most of them were once in human form, but when the form fails to work properly—bad plumbing, windows are cracked, beams creak and rot, the body, like an old house, isn’t the ideal place for the Spirit to live anymore. So…the spirit moves out.

Many who’ve passed on don’t usually show themselves because they’ve moved on to where they need to be.

Someone who’s passed on, who might have left suddenly or traumatically or heavily medicated  (i.e. unaware), often gets labeled as a ‘Ghost,’ because they’re still here. They don’t know that they’ve died. Or sometimes they just don’t want to let go. But they’re not scary Hollywood creatures with melting faces.

As I said, most are unaware that they’re dead, lost in a dream of what their reality was, still attached to this world, this reality.

This Halloween, if you happen to nod and smile at a kid who suddenly vanishes inside an oak tree, consider yourself lucky to have witnessed such a thing. Then close your eyes, summon your Divine power and surround that lil ghost with Love, with Light, with an open Door to go Home. It works.

Upcoming Mercury in Retrograde tips in the next post…stay tuned to Elaine Marolakos Edelson, your Astrology Channel, and The Way Om.


By Elaine Edelson, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire