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The Rooster is Coming--Prepare Now for Chinese New Year

The Rooster is Coming–Prepare Now for Chinese New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ROOSTER UP! MONKEY DOWN!! Finally Official!! 2016 Gregorian Calendar year is gone!! It is 2017!! AND with it the Yang Fire Monkey is slowly losing his grip and slipping away, as well. He has definitely been a wild ride for many. [...]

2014: The Thunder Year Of The Stallion

This last year of the Water Snake has been quite the ride and the Wood Horse of 2014 will feel like moving from the old Wooden white roller coaster of the past to the state of the art Colossus Roller Coaster of the future at Lagoon Amusement [...]

Feng Shui Aspects For March 2013

Another month down in the Snake year… Already going too quickly. The Female Snake is already on the move removing the rose glasses we have worn for a lifetime. The energy is vibrating at a higher vibration and people are becoming more [...]

The Perfect Storm of Rejuvenation: Lantern Festival, the Full Moon, and Mercury Retrograde

Yikes, this day has snuck upon me!  Sunday, February 24th, 2013 symbolizes the end of the Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Chinese Lantern Festival. The Chinese New Year is a celebration that goes from the second new moon of the year [...]

The Female Water Snake Arrives, Do Your Preparations

On Sunday, February 10th, 2013 we welcome the Female Water Snake and say farewell to the Male Water Dragon. Last year the Water Dragon brought with him yang water energy and the power of an ocean. The ocean it is one of the most powerful forces [...]

Prepare Now For The Chinese New Year – Year Of Female Water Snake

The Year of the Female Water Snake is poised to make her appearance February 10, 2013. The snake is known for shedding it’s skin so be prepared to let go of the old and welcome in the new in 2013. Prepare now by making amends with all friends, [...]

Female Water Snake 2013: Facing a Year of Transformation

Not everything you see is what you see it as.  It is only how you see it at the moment. – Milton Erickson ‘Nothing is as it seems’ could possibly be a theme for the new Chinese year of the Female Water Snake—2013, as she [...]