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The Perfect Storm of Rejuvenation: Lantern Festival, the Full Moon, and Mercury Retrograde

Yikes, this day has snuck upon me!  Sunday, February 24th, 2013 symbolizes the end of the Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Chinese Lantern Festival.

The Chinese New Year is a celebration that goes from the second new moon of the year to the first full moon night of the New Chinese Year.  The Lantern Festival, also known as Chap Hoh Meh Day, should be celebrated with family and friends.  On Sunday, February 24th, reach out to your family and friends.  Again, like at the New Year, wish everyone you wish to connect with in the New Year a fabulous year with lots of love, health, wealth, and happiness.

Esoterically, the Chinese Lantern Festival is a day similar to Valentine’s Day where the moon is at its peak of feminine power. It is believed the Moon Goddess bestows fertility and romance luck upon those who gaze upon her. This evening and tomorrow are good days to fall in love and get pregnant. However, give it some time in between those two!

On Sunday, Chinese lanterns are released into the sky requesting suitable partners for your children or grandchildren. These lanterns can be purchased at most stores in Chinatown of your city. In Salt Lake City, Asian City on Redwood Road has the Lanterns.

To Americanize it, you can release a pink balloon with a message in it requesting love and prosperity for your children or grandchildren.

Use only balloons that are environmental friendly, of course. Balloons made from latex are naturally biodegradable and will decompose on their own in about six months. Sunlight speeds up the process and the air will break the latex rubber balloons down.

The Chinese Lantern festival symbolizes the end of Chinese New Year and completes the transition of the Water Dragon to the Water Snake.

The energy of the aggressive dragon should settle down now and the heavens slightly quiet.  However the bad news is– in the flying stars feng shui there is still an instability star of earth luck in the center of the world this year that can still keep things stirred up, on a grounding level. We may see increased earthquakes this year. Place a jar of water and salt in the center of your home to stabilize the energy.

On Sunday and Monday evening place a jar outside in moon light to capture the energy of the Moon Goddess

This month, the full moon is called the Full Snow Moon and occurs Monday, February, 25, 2013 at 3:26 pm EST-2: 26 CST-1: 26 MST 12:26 MST.  No wonder we have all the snow!  On Sunday and Monday evening place a jar outside in moon light to capture the energy of the Moon Goddess. Drink the water for insight and natural energy. If you have a sun/moon mirror place your moon mirror outside or in your windowsill to seal in the energy. If you need a sun/moon mirror I do have some still available. Contact me by email at designwisdom@yahoo.com.  They are $7 plus postage and handling.

Sunday or Monday in the light of the full moon, make a vision board or wealth vase.

Place items on the board or in the vase  that you wish to manifest in the Year of the Female Water Snake. Place people, places and things that you wish to connect with. You may simply write your aspirations on a piece of paper and place it in the box or if you wish to travel, place pictures of those places. If you wish better  health, place things of health or a picture of you at a healthier time in the box. In order to stay connected to family and friends place pictures of you and  them in the box. If you wish a new job, place an affirmation of such in the box.  I think you get the idea. Then place the box in the Northeast of your home in a place where it can get the light of the moon and sun. The sun energizes and the moon cleanses. This becomes your intention and law of attraction for the year!

The other aspect lining up in the perfect storm of rejuvenation is Mercury retrograde. 

Mercury went retrograde on February 22 and will last through March 18, 2013. When Mercury goes retrograde we see numerous communications breakdowns—phones, computers, emails, voice mails, etc.  There are also electronic disturbances —furnaces, appliances, cars, etc.   Get my drift?

Make sure all electric applications are in good working order. Do the maintenance on them and keep them clear and clean. Sadly, if an electrical appliance or electronic device has been on its last legs, it will probably crater in this mercury retrograde. The retrograde tends sucks the power backwards.

To avoid communications frustrations double-check all communications. If you mail something—follow-up on the arrival. If you leave a voicemail—follow up on its arrival. If you send an email, ask for a confirmation. If you don’t receive one—yep, follow up it!!

You have now been warned so no crying if something gets lost. If it gets lost and you didn’t follow-up, it is your fault too—failure to follow up! No excuses! However, you can cry—that darn Mercury retrograde!!

Mercury Retrograde also brings delays in travel and travel plans. You may see more delayed flights, lost luggage, and flight cancellations. If you are applying for a passport and need it quickly, you may wish to put a rush on it.  This is not the best time to start new projects or sign contracts. Things get lost in translation. New projects make take more time to get off the ground.

Mercury retrograde is, however, a good time to tie up loose ends. Finish up all unfinished projects on your ‘to do’ list. Clutter clear and clean your home.  This is an excellent time to spring clean—out with the old and be ready for the new when Mercury goes direct. Clean out your old computer files and emails. Get organized and prioritize.

Mercury retrograde is just that—a time to reflect, rest, and restore.  Take that time to recharge and renew your energy.  It is a good time to journal your thoughts and plot a plan for the future. Are you seeing a theme here—RE—-renew, restore, redesign, REst….?

Mercury retrograde can get frustrating but it doesn’t have to be for naught. Use it wisely.

Happy Chap Goh Meh Day. OR in other words, have a fun-loving day!

Post by Mary Shurtleff, author of the new book, The Female Water Snake.  

 Mary is a blogger for JenningsWire.