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Prepare Now For The Chinese New Year – Year Of Female Water Snake

The Year of the Female Water Snake is poised to make her appearance February 10, 2013.

The snake is known for shedding it’s skin so be prepared to let go of the old and welcome in the new in 2013. Prepare now by making amends with all friends, family, foe  or whoever were in your fiery way last year. Feelings were hurt and relationships broken. Now is the time to fix it. Acknowledge and apologize for your contribution to the chaos and the disconnection.

No, you aren’t a bad person–the Water Dragon caused many to do and act ways they normally would not have in the past. However, this is a good thing to help you clear emotions and energy and set boundaries that otherwise would have remained stuck—for both sides of the argument. This helped you set a new pattern of energy to move forward to your goals and dreams. Now is the clearing time of the year–apologize and forgive.

You may need to go back and reconcile what needs to be corrected from last year’s aggressive energy.  You may need to go back and fix broken friendships or family disputes that erupted this past year, while setting new boundaries for them and yourself.  As you accept your responsibility in the disruption and vocalize the discomfort your felt in the relationship, you will find yourself able to explore newer pastures this year with more optimism and faith for a transforming year.

After you have pro-actively apologized and forgave, now take a moment to be grateful for all you have and what you hope to manifest in the New Year.

Say simply–Thank you for all I have been given in this life. I accept it with gratitude and love. I look forward to more health, happiness and wealth in my life.

This year, start the year with a positive attitude, a smile on your face, and a few ideas in your head for a successful Water Snake year.

Next, make your vision board, which brings physical substance to your mental desires. You can do this easily with masking tape by making a frame on the wall or you can make it as elaborate as you wish with a large canvas or ornamental picture frame. Think prosperity and richness. Even the style of your frame will affect your abundance levels and the vision on it. The vision board accesses your inner knowledge giving your subconscious mind permission to clear the way to make your dreams a physical reality. As you focus your attention and energy on the objects of your vision board and actively work toward that goal, magic happens.  Use your meditation skills and dream sleep time to imagine and create your life. Pay special attention to all psychic messages sent to you by your subconscious mind to use in your waking life.

‘Nothing is as it seems’ could possibly be a theme for this year of the Female Water Snake as she mesmerizes and hypnotizes the masses into believing that which is not really there. As she creates illusions of grandeur, leaving questions of what is real and what is not, it becomes difficult to know what is illusion and what is reality. But then on the other hand—what is the difference between illusion and reality? Doesn’t the illusion become our reality? This year could get very tricky. Be informed!

The WATER SNAKE of 2013 paves the path for re-birth, new beginnings and transformation as she sheds her skin. Water is the womb of life and seeds being planted for the future. By the year of the HORSE in 2014, when the elements finally line up amicably—wood for growth and creativity, and fire for passion—the world will feel right again.

The Water Snake year will plant the embryo to bear fruit in 2014. This is a time to set your ship on course to manifest your wildest dreams.

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By Mary Shurtleff, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.