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The Female Water Snake Arrives, Do Your Preparations

On Sunday, February 10th, 2013 we welcome the Female Water Snake and say farewell to the Male Water Dragon.

Last year the Water Dragon brought with him yang water energy and the power of an ocean. The ocean it is one of the most powerful forces in nature next to the sun. The Water Dragon year was aggressive and ruthless. It ripped the lids off all lies, secrets, and deceptions and left many dead bodies (metaphorically) in its path. The Water Dragon was very physical in energy and fast-moving.

To get an idea of the power of the ocean and the Water Dragon visualize the ocean jostling you around;  above and below the water; smashing you on the rocks; and then leaving you lying hurt, bleeding, and wounded on the beach. This is what it felt like the Water Dragon did to many last year. Many personal relationships, business ventures, government and religious institutions were questioned and tested. Mental illness and instability seemed to run amok. People had to become aggressive to survive. Many did things they normally would not have done. They confronted issues and were left conflicted but never really pleased by the outcome.

The Female Water Snake comes in to heal with the yin water energy and energy of the womb

This year as the Water Dragon leaves his fierce path of destruction and metaphoric death behind, the Female water snake comes in to heal with the yin water and energy of the womb. This is a new beginning but not without pain. This year we will be patching back together that which was destroyed or questioned last year.

The Snake deals more of the mind and metaphysical energy and is less physical than the Water Dragon. This year will see more thinking and less doing. However, the snake is quick to strike after observation of a situation.

‘Nothing is as it seems’ could possibly be a theme for this year of the Female Water Snake . . .

As she mesmerizes and hypnotizes the masses into believing that which is not really there. As this year creates illusions of grandeur, leaving questions of what is real and what is not, it becomes difficult to know what is illusion and what is reality.

Some intellectuals have a hard time with the idea of a spiritual realm without scientific proof. Science is a metaphoric actualization of reality to explain life, as is spirituality. The guide to understanding your potential is seeing the science within spirituality and the spirituality within science. The heart may feel the belief but the mind needs proof.

This year you may find yourself going more internal for the answers instead of blindly following the norm of what society says to do. We will see a more spiritual approach to life. However, we will also see more people choosing to speak up and strike quickly when uncomfortable.

In the job market we may see more people gravitating back to the Mom and Pop way of life.

People will forego the big corporation employment and begin to rely upon their own resources. We may see more small independent business ventures pop up and Internet venture will rise. We may see more people working from home and not relying upon others so much for maintenance. The Snake is very independent and hates to be confined.

Since Water energy is cleansing and restoring, we may see more innovative developments within the medical field. A more holistic approach to health would be very nice.

Things to do to prepare for the Chinese New Year

First, clean and de-clutter your house. Get rid of everything that no longer serves your desires. If you don’t love it—pitch it!! It is taking up space in your mind, as well as your home.

Next, make yourself a vision board. A vision board brings physical substance to your mental desires. What do you to appear in your future? Take a moment and think. Get clear on your wishes.

You can make a vision board very easily. You can go as simple as masking tape the shape of a frame on the wall or you can make it as elaborate as you wish with a large canvas or ornamental picture frame. Think prosperity and richness. Even the style of your frame will affect your abundance levels and the vision on it.

The vision board accesses your inner knowledge giving your subconscious mind permission to clear the way to make your dreams a physical reality. As you focus your attention and energy on the objects of your vision board and actively work toward that goal, magic happens. Use your meditation skills and dream sleep time to imagine and create your life. Pay special attention to all psychic messages sent to you by your subconscious mind to use in your waking life.

Have a fabulous month!

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By Mary Shurtleff, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.