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Feng Shui Aspects For March 2013

Another month down in the Snake year… Already going too quickly.

The Female Snake is already on the move removing the rose glasses we have worn for a lifetime. The energy is vibrating at a higher vibration and people are becoming more pro-active in their own be-ing. People are continuing the trend and more are jumping on board the Spirit wagon—looking internally, instead of externally, for answers.

I posted a controversial blog on www.maryshurtleff.com about How Spiritual are You, Really? The blog got mostly some really good reviews but also got nailed with a couple of hate remarks. However, my job as a coach is to punch up the emotions that are stuck and expose them to not only you, but also others. The Female Water Snake exposes lies, secrets, and deceptions and no one is immune. This is the year you will be called on your stuff and illusions stripped away. If you have been bratty, stubborn, or manipulative in the past- it will come back to haunt you this year. If you have been generous and open in the past, that becomes your karma and good will be returned to you. So, make a decision now to come clean and own your stuff. Don’t hide and watch. Just BE. Show the world that you are– good and bad. And if you don’t like what you see—CHANGE it. No one has a spotless mind and backyard, no matter how hard you try to hide. You created it, you can un-create it.

This year we have already seen some of the illusions stripped away within government, church, and personal relations. The Vatican has had it own surge of problems this month. On February 12th right after the Pope announced his resignation the Vatican was struck by lightning, not once but twice. Issues of past abuses of power by its leaders are now plaguing the Church again. In past it was shoved under the rug, however, the Snake energy will not allow it. She is about awareness and retribution. The new pope will have to address that to stabilize the credibility of the Church to the world.

In the Female Water Snake Book 2013 I said:

Pg. 17–MONTH PILLAR: The Yang Wood over Yang Wood (Thunder) signifies

lots of noise and shake up this year with confusion. This year, the structure

of a business, government, church, or family level may see a lot of noise with

no real action. We will hear of things coming that may never materialize. So

with that said, ‘don’t panic until facts are revealed.’ Dig deeper, get the facts first.

Ironically this has already come to pass with the fiscal cliff scare and sequester with both sides touting their scary stories of ‘WHAT IF?” And the gun control that has everyone scrambling for guns. Both issues have caused pillage and plunder with no real action from the events predicted. The solutions—get the facts before you strike out unnecessarily.

Right now with mercury in retrograde until March 17th, there is a lot of miscommunication and people striking out needlessly. Like last year, this behavior is causing a lot of lost relationships. Be patient and be open to hear. Double check your work, follow up on all communications, and balance the energy of your home and body. If you have to say “Just to be clear”, then repeat what you needed to clarify, this will certainly alleviate a lot of misunderstandings.

This month you may continue to feel the changing transition of the year from the aggressive water dragon to the calmer energy of the water snake. The Snake rules the pineal gland, which is located behind the forehead and between the ears. This year you will be hearing with your third ear. You will hear things not being said. You will hear things that are not there. Sometimes it may seem as though your ears are humming because the vibration level has risen. You may feel dizzy or light-headed. Some may even pass out. (Side note: See you doctor is you have any of these symptoms to rule out something serious….I am not a doctor…just an observer of trends and patterns.) However if nothing is found–drink more water and chalk it up to the pineal gland energy activating.

You may also have sudden feelings of nervousness or confusion and periods where you may have felt angry but then calm. It will seem as though there is a lot of movement of energy and activity around your body when no one is there and things are bumping in the night so to speak. The Kundalini energy of the Snake is activating the senses and the spine. No transition is made easily and without disturbance. This energy will continue to vibrate for the next month, so stay diligent of what is occurring around you. Above all…don’t panic… Drink more water, get your rest, and exercise off that extra buzz!!

Side note: However, again, always see your health care provider if you are fearful of any health issues!

With the  Aspect of Instability located in the center of the ba-gua all this year we may still lot of earth quaking and instability in our lifestyles throughout the year. Just this last month in Florida we saw a house sink into a massive sink hole with others being found in the area. Sometimes we just can’t control Mother Nature when she goes out of balance. We must always seek to rebalance what has been thrown out of balance.

To offset this instability in your home be sure to place beautiful raw clear crystals in the center of the home to remind you of the third eye energy and a knowing of what to do in time of trouble. The clear crystal will also bring clearer energy to the unstable energy of the Yellow star. The crystal energy will brighten the center of your home with hope and optimism and resonate a rainbow of light within the Yellow star, breaking down its harsh energy.

This month, the Aspect  of Career flies to the center of the ba-gua and merges with the star of instability bringing some uncertainty to business ventures. Change out all salt water vases located in the center of the home this month to ensure they are in good clear condition. Place a ship with gold on it in the center of the home to subconsciously symbolize your ship coming in.

This month in the Northwest place a metal or wood wu-lou to offset the aspect of illness and emotions. We may see a rise in lung issues this month, so stay yang, dry, and warm. The dog and pig should take no unnecessary risks this month with your health. Because the universe speaks in signs and symbols, I recommend every person pack the protection sigil decal on your body and in your car. I have my protection sigil on my front door and the windshield of my car always!! A picture of the sigil can be found on page 52 of the Female Water Snake Book.

Conflict meets with instability in the West this month. Place a bowl of blue detergent salt water in this area. (Blue detergent, salt, and water in equal parts). Also peacock feathers to bring the protection of the deity Kwan Yin. Limit all red and fire energy in this area this month.

The Lucky Green Star of Literary Success and Romance flies to Northeast meeting up with the Wealth star, symbolizing an increase in money for success in writing or direction and intelligence. Place a wish-fulfilling crystal in the Northeast to bring power and wealth to your writing skills. Children may study in this area this month for increased ability. Place peonies and rose quartz in the Northeast for Romantic luck. Also place a pair of birds to promote longevity and healthy life. This could be a good spot to make babies this month with the womb energy of the earth and the romance star. The Tiger and Ox may be extremely fertile this month so be careful if you do not wish to have a bambino.

Place Salt Water Cure or Salt Lamp in the South of your home this month. Be careful of too much fire energy here this month. Place raw clear crystals in the south to lift the energy of the unstable earth in this sector this month.

Power and Authority flies to the North bringing career luck. Place 6 coins in a vase of water in the North this month.  The Rat and North facing homes may especially see career promotions this month.

Karma and Personal Growth aspects in the Southwest this month bring instability, some illness, and emotional outbreaks to women and anyone residing in that area. In addition to the wu-lou in the SW, place a bowl of Blue Detergent in the SW of your home to offset this energy. You may also place peacock feathers in this area to symbolize protecting eyes. Place a clear blue crystal or raw clear crystal in this area to promote clear thinking.

The Wealth star resides in the East this month bringing good money prospects to family endeavors. You may wish to place the Wealth Gods, Fuk, Luk and Sau in this area to enhance wealth this month. Be sure to have running water in this area with citrine stones or gold ingots in it.

Reputation and fame can be found in the Southeast sector this month as the Purple Star of Expansion flies in this month bringing double luck to writing and arts skills. Place 4 bamboos in this area to uplift that creative energy. The energy is also high for romance. If you wish to activate your sex life, place small water vase and your peach blossom animal in this area. Be careful of unwanted pregnancy and extra marital affairs.

Have a fabulous month!!  Live long and prosper!!

Disclaimer: All aspects and predictions of the flying stars are for fun and entertainment purposes only and should not be used in the place of medical care if you should need it. The monthly adjustments, in addition to the annual flying stars, should be placed in the directional sectors of the property, home, office, or desk.