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Latezes Bridges

Latezes Bridges- a true woman of wisdom, power, and purpose has devoted herself to inspiring others to use their God-ordained gifts to achieve success in life and fulfill their destinies.

With her vision of positively influencing future generations by empowering individuals today to transcend barriers to develop as holistically healthy people, Latezes has traveled Internationally teaching and developing bi-lingual (English-Spanish) community-based programming for churches, educational institutions and business corporations.

Latezes is a successful Entrepreneur, Evangelist, & Community Leader who believes that “whole people create healthy families-healthy families create strong communities- and strong communities create a better world”.

A graduate of NC State University and member of various civic and leadership organizations including Delta Sigma Theta, a lifetime public service sorority, Latezes’ media projects have been featured on Fox 50. She often provides biblical insight on “Ask the Pastors”, a Christian television show which airs on the TCT television Network. She Executive Produced “Building Bridges”, a national Christian radio show that aired on WTRU/The Truth Broadcasting Network and has recently authored her first book entitled, Single Wives which was released January 2013.

Latezes Bridges is the President/CEO of Success & Beyond Global Enterprises, LLC and the Visionary Chair of Beyond the Barriers Outreach, Inc. where they are providing hope and opportunities to those who need them and through the faith are “CONNECTING COMMUNITIES, CROSSING BORDERS, & CHANGING LIVES” for THE KINGDOM!

For more information on how to purchase Latezes’ new book, Single Wives, please visit SingleWivesBook.com

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