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5 Ways To Find Spring Love & Romance

Are you a single midlife woman hoping to find love?

Good news – your chances improve as the weather warms up. Spring into romance with these five simple methods to meet more men.

1. Try something new! In midlife, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. But to meet men, you’ve got to shake things up. If a friend asks you to a ballgame or music festival, say “Yes”. For most people, saying “No” comes easily, but it sure won’t change your single status. This is how you limit your life and opportunities. To find love, you have got to get out of your comfort zone. I encourage my dating coaching clients to try new activities and new places to meet men and enrich their life.

2. Join Meetup.com. Have you visited www.MeetUp.com? This website has thousands of groups across the country covering a wide range of subjects. You’ll find groups for singles, book clubs, chess players, wine lovers, gourmet dinners, meditation, hiking, etc. You can search by zip code and subject to find groups near you with like-minded people. It’s free to join and most events have no fee or are low-cost, so no excuses.

3. Walk your dog. Your dog may be your best friend, but she also acts as a great ice breaker to help you meet men. Walking Fluffy makes it easy for men to approach you and think up something to say. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard about couples meeting at dog parks. Go to a popular place with lots of people so you can get into conversations. If you don’t have a pet, simply ask a dog owner a question about his pet as he passes by. Or offer a compliment like, “What a cute dog!” Those words are magic, trust me.

4. Hang out at patio bars. When the weather warms up, people congregate outdoors. Take advantage of this natural tendency by frequenting outdoor entertainment venues. If you aren’t into the bar scene, or think all the people will be too young, let me tell you a little secret – many restaurant/bars have two crowds – the happy hour shift which is over 40 and the youngsters who arrive after 10pm. Go early, sip a Sauvignon blanc or margarita and be friendly!

5. Smile and talk to strangers. Girlfriends, please turn on the charm! Put on an outfit with date appeal to increase your desirability and look for activities that are fun or help you relax. Push yourself to smile when you pass by men because smiling is contagious, makes you more approachable and helps you look your best. I recommend to my dating coaching clients that you take this a step further and strike up a conversation. It doesn’t matter what you say, just break the ice and keep the conversation brief. You’ll find most men are easily flattered.