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Podcast: Be The Man Your Woman Wants

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Does this sound familiar? Your husband or boyfriend says he wants to make you happy but when there’s a problem, he seems oblivious.

When you ask for his input on a decision, he says, “It’s up to you” and thinks he’s showing you that he’s not controlling and doesn’t understand why you’re frustrated and losing respect for him.

It happens all too often and that’s exactly why Elliott Katz wrote the book, Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom OBeing A Man, which is being translated into 24 languages.

In this podcast Elliot shares the insights about being a man that fathers used to teach their sons and how women can encourage the man in their life to be the kind of man they love and respect.

Be The Man Your Woman Wants

  • What are the characteristics of a “strong man”?
  • Why are women frustrated with today’s men?
  • When did they stop being “strong”?
  • How can a guy become the man women want?
  • What can women do to help?

To learn more about Elliott Katz and his book Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom OBeing A Man visit AwardPress.com the book is available from Amazon and bookstores.

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