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To hear birdsong is to recognize life. If ever you feel down, you need only to sit quietly in nature – a park or woods – and listen. Yes, you may hear the wind rustling in the leaves; you may even hear insects in summertime. But sooner or [...]

The Race of Life: The Happiness Factor

Bhutan in Asia sets the benchmark for living a “happy” life. Its culture mandates that “happiness” holds the highest distinction in the realm of daily living. Those citizens living in that country enjoy a much slower and quieter living [...]

Peace Born Of Itself

Most humans, just about all of us, are addicted to a variety of maps we assume necessary for our happiness. Having worked with people on successfully creating positive personal transformation for a couple of decades, I have found this to be [...]

Journey Through Human & Animal Hearts

Giving 15 minute, free, mini reading and healing sessions for animals and humans is a deep, fulfilling journey. Names are changed to respect confidentiality. It began last week. 44 people signed up. I welcome more. The process brings me deeper [...]

30 Second Cure When You Just Feel Like Screaming!

How many times a day do you just feel like screaming? Most of us lead frantic, chaotic, stressful lives. Whether you have young children hanging on your bathrobe, you face a daily grind of a workload, or you travel for a living, we all feel [...]

People & Animals Heal From Open-Hearted Love

People come to me to heal hurt hearts from family dynamics (both human and animal). Heart-openings begin with tenderness toward what one finds in his/her own self! Occasionally, someone assumes I will “fix” their animal or spouse! Somebody [...]

Feng Shui Aspects For April

This month you may continue to feel the changing transition of the year. These last few months I have been hearing of so much dizziness, people passing out, eyes, ears, and nose problems. I have not been surprised. The Snake rules the Kundalini [...]

How To Meditate Part III: Mindfulness Of Feelings

In a previous post, I explored the first foundation of mindfulness, mindfulness of the body. The second foundation of mindfulness is mindfulness of feelings. Just as many of us learned as children to disconnect from our body, we also learned [...]

What Lies Beneath ~ Finding Your Inner Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha Sighting In 1957 the Thai government was moving a large clay Buddha with a crane when suddenly the clay started to crack. The workers covered up the Buddha as it was starting to rain. When they came back that night to check that [...]

Four Times to Disobey the Reciprocity Rule

The Reciprocity Rule The Reciprocity Rule is a common societal norm that supposes that when you receive something, you return something of equal value. This can be material or emotional. This generally works to everyone’s advantage. When [...]