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Feng Shui Aspects For April

This month you may continue to feel the changing transition of the year.

These last few months I have been hearing of so much dizziness, people passing out, eyes, ears, and nose problems. I have not been surprised. The Snake rules the Kundalini energy and the pineal gland, which is located behind the forehead and between the ears.

Disclaimer: All aspects and predictions of the flying stars are for fun and entertainment purposes only and should not be used in the place of medical care if you should need it. The monthly adjustments, in addition to the annual flying stars, should be placed in the directional sectors of the property, home, office, or desk.

The kundalini energy is energy asleep at the base of the spine—root chakra– waiting to be awakened by breath or movement. The root charka serves to bring us good health, a sense of well-being, and connects us to nature and the earth. As the energy of the root chakra travels up our spine, it must flow easily through the spleen, solar plexus, heart, throat, to the third eye chakra. When it finds an energy block it will work and spiral its way through the block releasing unharnessed and unrestrained energy into the nervous system causing muscle twitches, pains, and involuntary reactions throughout the body. All chakras will be affected.

Life may seem out of sorts and as the transformation takes place you may feel foreign in your body.

Accept the transformation; don’t fight it. It is the shedding of the old and the imprinting of the new. Of course, always check with your health provider for any concerns you may have.

The energy of the heavens flows into our crown chakra and meet at the third eye chakra and travels on to the heart chakra bringing balance of love, compassion, and understanding. When one or more of these chakras are blocked, disease or discomfort of nervous system will be experienced.

This year the snake is automatically awakening this Kundalini in everyone. This energy is so powerful and affects the nervous systems as it opens up your feelers: feelings. Many have no idea what to do with all this emotion so outbursts of anger may be the result. This Kundalini then goes to the pineal glands between the ears causing an increase in vibration, which literally knocks off the balance of the ears.

This year you will be hearing with your third ear or intuitive ear.

You will hear things not being said. You will hear things that are not there. Sometimes it may seem as though your ears are humming because the vibration level has risen. You may feel dizzy or light headed. Some may even pass out.

As the vibrational level of the body changes you may notice the throat chakra and voice may go higher or lower. You may feel a hoarseness or scratchy feeling in the throat. Thyroid glands may also act up.

(Side note: See you doctor is you have any of these symptoms to rule out something serious. I am not a doctor, just an observer of trends and patterns.)

However if nothing is found, drink more water and chalk it up to the pineal gland energy activating.

Find your voice. Don’t stuff your emotions. Deal with your buried emotions. Start by increasing your conscious awareness by acknowledging what it is you need to do to find your balance again. What is causing the nervous stress in your head, vibrating even more, to get your attention?

Sometimes you will need to de-clutter people, places, and things from your environment that no longer support you.

Be strong, be pro-active and get er’ done!!!  Make a choice to no longer ignore the inevitable and surrender to the higher powers that guide your life and let it happen easily and effortlessly. No fear.  No transition is made easily and without disturbance.  Above all…don’t panic… Drink more water, get your rest, and exercise off that extra buzz!!

(Side note: However, again, always see your health care provider if you are fearful of any health issues!)

With the #5 star of instability located in the center of the ba-gua all this year we may still lot of earth quaking and instability in our lifestyles throughout the year. This month the expansion start gives extra energy to the instability. To offset this unpredictability in your home be sure to place beautiful raw clear crystals in the center of the home to remind you of the third eye energy and a knowing of what to do in time of trouble. The clear crystal will also bring clearer energy to the unstable energy of the Yellow star.  The crystal energy will brighten the center of your home with hope and optimism and resonate a rainbow of light within the Yellow star, breaking down its harsh energy.  May sure your salt water cure is in place in the center of your home to cool and offset harsh energy. This month the energy unstable earth is energized so stay diligent.

This is an instable time for any business or personal interaction and an unfortunate month for Korea to flex their muscles.

Will history repeat itself? Korea has been flexing their muscles for years and this could be the year the head of the pimple pops and the conflict resolved. This may be the month it could be met with force. I certainly hope it will be solved peacefully.

This month, the Ho-Tu numbers of 1-6 line up in the NW bringing good luck and fortune to the Pig and Dog and NW facing homes. Everyone can place a ship with 6 gold coins or ingots on it in the NW of the home pointing towards the center of the home to activate this energy and symbolize your ship coming in. Make sure the ship is not sailing out a window or door. You may also place a water feature in the NW.

Be careful of health in the West this month. Place a metal wu-lou or cobalt blue crystal in the West with your blue detergent salt water as outline in the Water Snake Book.  We may see a rise in lung, eye, ears, throat,  and nose again this month, so stay yang, dry, and warm. The Rooster and West facing house should take no unnecessary risks this month with your health. Because the universe speaks in signs and symbols, I recommend every person pack the protection sigil decal on your body and in your car. I have my protection sigil on my front door and the windshield of my car always! A picture of the sigil can be found on page 52 of the Female Water Snake Book. Also place peacock feathers to bring the protection of the deity Kwan Yin. Limit all red and fire energy in this area this month.

Conflicts with money are possible for the Ox, Tiger and NE facing homes this month. Place a red crystal, red apple, or red Buddha in the NE of your home this month with still water to stabilize the energy.

The Lucky Green Star of Literary Success and Romance flies to South meeting up with the Fame Star. This is a good month for those in writing or the arts, Horse, or South facing home. This month you may see an increase in money for success in writing or direction and intelligence. Place a wish fulfilling crystal in the South with 4 lucky bamboos to bring power and wealth to your writing skills. Children may study in this area this month for increased ability.  Place peonies and rose quartz in the South for Romantic luck. Also place a pair of birds to promote longevity and healthy life. This could be a good spot to make babies this month with the big bang spark and the romance star.

Place Salt Water Cure or Salt Lamp in the North of your home this month.

Windfall luck and promotion flies to the Southwest bringing luck to Women, Sheep, and Monkey, as well as a South West facing home. Place 6 coins in the Southwest this month for money luck and fortune.

Karma and Personal Growth aspects in the East this month bring instability, some family units. Be careful of striking too quickly this month. Place a bowl of Blue Detergent in the East of your home to offset this energy. You may also place peacock feathers in this area to symbolize protecting eyes. Place a clear purple crystal or raw clear crystal in this area to promote clear thinking.

The luckiest sector this month is Southeast. Place symbols of wealth, health, and happiness in this sector this month. Place pink peonies for love and happiness, money for wealth, and gourds for good health. You may wish to place the Wealth Gods, Fuk, Luk and Sau in this area to enhance wealth this month. Be sure to have running water in this area with citrine stones or gold ingots in it.

Have a fabulous month! Live long and prosper!

Mary is a blogger for JenningsWire.