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Peace Born Of Itself

Most humans, just about all of us, are addicted to a variety of maps we assume necessary for our happiness.

Having worked with people on successfully creating positive personal transformation for a couple of decades, I have found this to be universal.

Each person has intricate assumptions about what she or he needs for contentedness.

Acceptable feelings, preferred circumstances, responses of others, and many other ideas of what brings lasting comfort become etched in the human’s mind and body.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am all for creating wonderful circumstances in each area of life.

Fulfilling love, right match education for a person’s interests, abundant experiences of good, ways to serve and share, meaningful venues of expression, health and wellness, positive relating, plentiful environments and finances,  all contribute to a joyful and loved life. I am all for that. I use creative artistry to make my life full of such.

Here I discuss something deeper, the reservoir of peace out of which all listed above can be created. If not created from this reservoir of peace, it is likely created from a frenzy of worries and fears which will multiply.

Peace is inherently available within our hearts.

When we sit silently we can recognize the vast peace that is here for us throughout each circumstance. We can find ourselves giddily happy yet grounded in equanimity.

The question of how is often asked. It’s a good one. Search for a place inside you that is already at peace. Take an imagined flashlight. Shine this through your body till you find an area where your equilibrium already vibrates in contentment. This may be in your heart. Maybe your belly. It is there. Once you find this, delve deeper with your consciousness. Notice  this peace answers your longing. Give love and gratitude to this peace. You find it becomes stronger. Notice that in this peace, each of your preferred and non-preferred circumstances melt into satisfaction.

It’s scary for many to find that all situations, feelings, experiences, and assurances needed for peace are not worth running after. When we discover peace is the source of peace and everything else is not, we get frightened. We feel a core terror. Does this mean all my relationships, successes, and proof of a good life are meaningless? Yes and no. Dive into the fear to discover this is just another layer of  assumption taking you from your deepest satisfaction. Melt into satisfaction. Once you discover you are forever immersed in satisfaction which bathes you, create circumstances in which you most delight. What a happy way to live. This is different than creating from emotional necessity or spiritual lack.

I invite this as an artistic experiment. If  not fully clear to you, feel free to email me: Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com  Sign up for a gift (no fee) 15 minute mini session.  I will assist you in returning yourself home to peace.

Dr. Laurie Moore

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