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Four Personal Keys to Kick Off Your Year

It’s easy to kick off your year focusing on the big stuff you want to accomplish. You’ll find plenty of encouragement to make vast goals so you can attain great things, but as a coach I know that making big goals alone usually ends up [...]

Why Does Guilt Reign Supreme In January?

“What’s the point anyway?” “I’m not good enough.” “Here I am with another year gone by and I’m in exactly the same situation…” Such a nasty emotion guilt is…it can fester in you to the point of immobilization.  And why [...]

Show Up To Achieve Success This Year

On New Year’s Eve, many people create resolutions. The majority of those very same people don’t keep them. Therefore, they don’t achieve the success they desire in the New Year. If you want to succeed in 2014, you need to follow just one [...]

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

With the new year upon us now, everybody seems to be posting, blogging, chatting and thinking about New Years Resolutions. Responses are interesting to me, across the board. I see people who resist setting resolutions, because they know they [...]

Pen Presence Onto The Resolution List

Santa’s Lists segue into New Year’s Resolutions Lists. So why not do something different this year and pen the former into the latter? How, you might ask? By transforming the concept of presents into presence. Presence is the best gift one [...]

Eight Ideas On How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again – new year’s resolution time. Most people begin the year with good intentions, that’s why they make resolutions.  Sadly, too many of these resolutions go by the board in January. Here are my eight best ideas [...]

Resolve To Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions

I enjoy the gym most when it’s quiet, which is why my favorite month to work out is December. The treadmills are not only free; they’re nearly free of fingerprints. Not so in January, when all who’ve pledged to become healthier show up [...]

How To Propose On New Year’s Eve . . .

Put a ring on it! Hey guys, are you ready for this?  If you’re thinking about proposing this New Year’s Eve, JenningsWire queried the romance pros and asked for their best ideas on how to pop the question on New Year’s Eve. Note from [...]

10 Tips Plus Bonus Tip To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s January. That time in the New Year where we feel the itch to renew and change – for the better.  And bless us human beings, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t find changing hard to do.  Here’s 10 plus tips to making and keeping [...]

New Year’s Inspiration For Aspiring Writers

As I read a lot of quick-fix New Year’s Resolution articles, I’m struck by how generic and often glib they seem. As a writer, I try to re-energize and refocus on goals just like anyone else, but instead of resolving to chase the [...]

New Year’s Resolutions Got You Down?

They seemed like a good idea on January 1st. Around January 7 – not so much.  Somehow you thought your life would be different come the first of the year, but you still don’t have time to exercise, you still aren’t preparing healthy meals, [...]

New Year, New You, New Life And A New Way To Figure Out How To Get It

Hello all! Well since the world did not end, looks like we are moving on into the New Year! I don’t know about you but I feel deep down that this is going to be an incredible and life changing year. Not just for me but for you too. So [...]

New Year, New Career!

3 simple tips to help you make a faster and easier career change As a leading Career Coach, I’m seeing that many professionals make the mistake of posting their resume on a job board, or handing their resume to a recruiter, and then just sitting [...]

Start Your New Year With a Day of Being

What is your New Year’s day tradition? Do you sleep half of it away? Clean the house? Watch football? How about  shaking things up? Start a new tradition with a day of being. What is a day of being? It’s a day to feel your feelings, [...]

Your 2013 Resolution Revolution

What does 2013 mean to you? For many it means the opportunity to start over–to lose weight, make more money, to spend more time with family, or to finally clean out the garage before the producers of ‘Hoarders’ come a’calling. [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Make Resolutions For The New Year

It’s almost January 31st. New Year’s Eve and the time when many of us choose to make resolutions about how we want to change or improve in the New Year. The problem with resolutions lies in the word itself: resolve. It possesses a negative [...]

Clearing Out The Old & Ringing In The New!

As we are closing out of 2012 and entering into 2013 we are each faced with a choice! We can either hold onto things that are not working or open up to new ways of thinking and behaving in our lives; especially in our relationships, career, [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Make Your Own Music In 2013

The songs of the holidays. I grew up listening to The Captain and Tennille singing about “Muskrat Love” and The Carpenters warbling “Sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad.” I believe those two songs were solely responsible [...]

New Year’s Revelations

I crossed the threshold from childhood to adulthood when I was 15. That was the year I discovered New Year’s Resolutions. A new year, a fresh start, a healthy dose of optimism and a fiery determination to rid yourself of anything that interferes [...]

Welcome 2013!

There was a man who felt terribly down and discouraged. New Year’s Day was approaching and he realized that all the previous New Year resolutions he made and planned for did not materialize. Nothing changed and his life was the same as [...]

Conquer Your Fears in 2013

The week of December 10 was an emotional roller coaster for me. I watched the 12/12/12 concert on Wednesday evening and was heartened to see so many celebrities giving their time to help people who really suffered as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  [...]