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Pen Presence Onto The Resolution List

Santa’s Lists segue into New Year’s Resolutions Lists.

So why not do something different this year and pen the former into the latter? How, you might ask? By transforming the concept of presents into presence.

Presence is the best gift one can ever give. So why not live with the presence of the holiday spirit year round?

I know, I know. It’s 2014! That Christmas spirit faded as if a sunset—once glorious, but now transformed into the black of night and you’re still nursing the sting from the New Year’s Eve hangover. The tree has yet to be untrimmed and that holiday fruitcake you received from your Great Aunt has yet to be discarded and the kids toys yet to be exchanged.

So who has time for a New Year’s Resolution List?

You’ll get to that in February right before you tackle upcoming taxes in the spring, and as far as holiday spirit is concerned, you’ll revisit that concept when it rolls around next winter. Our lives are hectic in this modern era. No doubt about it. Our schedules are packed. Our time is precious and invaluable and fleeting. It is a chore enough providing the presence of the holiday spirit during the holidays so who has time to do it 24/7/360? And more importantly why should we?

It all starts with a list. And a remembrance as to what truly is important. At least that is where it is starting for me. Year after year when the holiday fanfare and fun dwindles down and reality returns and I pick up the pen to, well, pen that New Year’s Resolution List, I often pen the same dang things: Lose weight. Exercise more. Spend more time with family and friends.  Be better prepared for tax day. The list is endless and often mere repetition from last year’s list.

So this year I decided to do something different.

I decided perhaps it is time to incorporate that holiday spirit and the message of it all that miraculously seems to be born during advent season with the lighting of that first candle on the wreath, into the advent of the New Year. I decided that perhaps it was time for me to re-examine the concept of the giving of presents during birthdays and Xmas and special occasions and transform it into a year-long quests of giving the gift of presence.

I will be honest, this past year I’ve been pretty busy trying to get some of my passion projects off the ground. I’ve loved every minute of it but I’ve been spending so much time prepping for the future that I at times lost sight of the present. Days, events, milestones passed and I was often only half-way present for them. I was always preoccupied, planning my next move, so much so that I forgot to fully experience and enjoy the current move I was making.

And the present as many preach is really all we ever get.

Living in the now and being fully present in the moment with whomever you are with and with whatever it is you are doing is really the best gift one can ever give. To others and to oneself.

So this year when I pen my New Year’s Resolution list, I plan on scrawling provide the gift of presence in the holiday spirit mode at all times at the top of that list. I am curious to see how the year shapes out differently due to this addition. I will keep you posted. Happy 2014 All!

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