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Inspired Action – Intuitive Intelligence

Being both intuitive and intellectual… I personally love to have my intuition activated by interesting research or ideas that pop-up on my radar. There is a substantial amount of research that demonstrates that many highly successful CEO’s [...]

Chocolate, Puppies & Dirt Help Avoid Creative Catastrophe

For me they are all linked in their ability to ground my creative fires. You can’t whirl around on the fumes of creative energy all the time. Sooner or later you’ll fly smack into a wall and crash. The graveyard of artists who have is vast. [...]

Labored Days And Skipping Creative Work

Fall brings the annual day to celebrate hard work, by not working. If you’re a working artist you know you’ll pay for skipping studio time. Creative work is hard work. Dancers who miss daily practice will need to stretch harder the next [...]

Lifestyle Design 101: Craft Your Perfect Day

When I became an entrepreneur I planned to live everyday like I was on a vacation! Don’t misunderstand me, I wanted to truly help people and do work that I was passionate about and made a real big difference in someone’s life.  But, I wanted [...]

Podcast: Teas For Emotional Healing And Well-Being

Listen Here: Rachel Tenpenny Crawford is the Co-founder of TEAmotions, a revolutionary tea company dedicated to helping others foster and support both physical and emotional well-being. Teas for Emotional Healing and Well-being How does tea [...]

Why Not Put Yourself FIRST In Your Life?

Everyday put yourself at the top of your list. Tune into your heart and really listen to what it is telling you on a regular basis. Care for your physical and spiritual health, slowing down enough to allow yourself to simply receive and enjoy [...]

How Can We Get The Wisdom To Move Beyond Worry?

Our thoughts might look like a string of what – ifs. What if this or that goes wrong?  Sometimes we think if we worry enough we can prevent a catastrophe event.  While worry may be a hint that there is something you need to take care [...]

The Midlife Sage: My 50-Pound Speed Bump

Do you run out of the door while texting and juggling a loaded alligator bag the size of a real alligator? Do you leave on a relaxing vacation and take a laptop computer, an IPad, and a cell phone and all the necessary electronic chargers that [...]

4 Ways To Find Your Zen Zone

You deserve zen, slow your life down a bit and get into the zone. Zen is the practice of experiencing a calm peacefulness. A Zen Zone is your mental space where you are flowing with an inner consciousness that is not interrupted with physical [...]

How To Meditate Part III: Mindfulness Of Feelings

In a previous post, I explored the first foundation of mindfulness, mindfulness of the body. The second foundation of mindfulness is mindfulness of feelings. Just as many of us learned as children to disconnect from our body, we also learned [...]

How to Meditate Part II: Mindfulness of the Body

The body is our greatest source of internal wisdom. The body provides our most immediate experience of the present moment. What is required on our part is a willingness to pay attention and listen. Unfortunately, many of us have learned—through [...]

How to Meditate: Part I—Awareness of Breath Meditation

In my last post, 5 Things You Can Do to Live a Mindful Life, I explored ways that we can live mindfully. The first of those 5 things is to cultivate a formal mindfulness meditation practice, because the formal practice serves as a training ground [...]