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Podcast: Rental Secrets

Listen Here:  Today’s guest is Justin Pogue, the author of Rental Secrets – Reduce your Rent, Get Better Value, & Create Quality Communities and real estate consultant based in San Jose, CA. His services are sought after by [...]

Podcast: The 1960’s TV Guide To Estate Planning

Listen Here: Darren Carlson, is the author of the new book Your 1960’s TV Guide to Estate Planning. Darren takes his 26 years as an estate planning attorney and cleverly weaves familiar 1960’s TV families to make estate planning informative [...]

Podcast: A Realtors Guide To Greater Success

Listen Here: Nancy Butler is a national speaker, business coach and award-winning author. Her new book, “A Realtor’s Guide to Greater Success” helps Realtors overcome their biggest obstacles and provide better service to their clients [...]

How To Manage The Anxieties Of Finding A Home

My brother looked for a home last year and there were times he got stressed. Here is a list of ways I came up with that a person can use to manage the anxiety of purchasing a home. The first step that I recommend is  to read some books on how [...]

Podcast: Passion, Perseverance & The Power Of Learning

Listen Here: Gerald Lucas is a real estate investor, coach and professional speaker. In his new book, Dare to Succeed co-authored by Jack Canfield, Gerald shows how passion, perseverance and an unending commitment to learning have allowed [...]