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Podcast: A Realtors Guide To Greater Success

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A Realtors Guide To Greater SuccessNancy Butler is a national speaker, business coach and award-winning author. Her new book, “A Realtor’s Guide to Greater Success” helps Realtors overcome their biggest obstacles and provide better service to their clients while improving the bottom line of their business.

A Realtors Guide To Greater Success

  • What is the number one challenge you have found for people starting a real estate sales career today?
  • What is “Stand Out Value”?
  • What is one of the challenges realtors have today?
  • What solutions can you offer to help solve this problem?
  • What one suggestion do you have for today’s Realtors to help them be more successful?

For more information, to hire Nancy, to purchase her book or to view free videos and topics of interest on her blog, go to her web site at www.aboveallelse.org or call 860-444-0535

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