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Gerald Lucas

Gerald Lucas is a serial entrepreneur and coach who has spent the past 15 years as a real estate investor.

Gerald has authored two books: Short Sale Specifics and Dare To Succeed that was co-authored with the author of The Chicken Soup For The Soul Series. Gerald was featured in Fast Company Magazine and will soon appear on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

Gerald Lucas has bought, sold, owned and managed properties from condos to big apartment complexes. In 2011, Gerald raised over $100 million in partnership with an Australian pension fund. Gerald has coached hundreds of students throughout North America how to invest in residential real estate.

Posts by Gerald Lucas:

  • Podcast: Passion, Perseverance & The Power Of Learning

  • August 30th, 2013
    Listen Here: Gerald Lucas is a real estate investor, coach and professional speaker. In his new book, Dare to Succeed co-authored by Jack Canfield, Gerald shows how passion, perseverance and an unending commitment [...]