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Podcast: Create More Time & Energy

Listen Here: Elisabetta Faenza, author of The Energy Code: 7 Keys for Activating Your DNA for Increased Performance, Creativity, Innovation and Profit and we’ll be discussing how to create more time and energy in our lives. Create More Time [...]

Words I Can Live Without!

Don’t be pushed by your problems in life, but led by your dreams. Have you ever thought how powerful words are and how much energy they carry in our everyday conversations? Five words I am trying to eliminate are: SHOULD  –  This [...]

How to Meditate Part II: Mindfulness of the Body

The body is our greatest source of internal wisdom. The body provides our most immediate experience of the present moment. What is required on our part is a willingness to pay attention and listen. Unfortunately, many of us have learned—through [...]

How to Meditate: Part I—Awareness of Breath Meditation

In my last post, 5 Things You Can Do to Live a Mindful Life, I explored ways that we can live mindfully. The first of those 5 things is to cultivate a formal mindfulness meditation practice, because the formal practice serves as a training ground [...]

Your Brilliant Blueprint for Success

Quantum physics Deep inside you, inside your DNA, is an inherent Blueprint for Success. Everyone comes into this life with a blueprint for success, and your personal blueprint includes the capacity to bring to fruition the incredible life that [...]