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Elisabetta Faenza

Elisabetta Faenza is a mentor, profiler, strategist, writer and speaker. With a passion for research and sharing people's stories, she is able to discover what is special about you and your business, and strategically communicate your message through the written and spoken word, across multiple media. Elisabetta is the editor and ghost writer of choice for business leaders, having collaborated on numerous best sellers. She is the author of the internationally acclaimed business books - The Energy Bucket (2010) and The Energy Code (2014). Elisabetta is a popular author of fiction, whose works include The Infidel (2013), Veritas (2014), Tales of Sex and Magic (2011), Nemesis (2012) and the musical 'D'Arc The Legend of Saint Joan (1998).

Posts by Elisabetta Faenza:

  • Podcast: Create More Time & Energy

  • July 22nd, 2014
    Listen Here: Elisabetta Faenza, author of The Energy Code: 7 Keys for Activating Your DNA for Increased Performance, Creativity, Innovation and Profit and we’ll be discussing how to create more time and energy in [...]