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Podcast: Create More Time & Energy

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Create More Time & EnergyElisabetta Faenza, author of The Energy Code: 7 Keys for Activating Your DNA for Increased Performance, Creativity, Innovation and Profit and we’ll be discussing how to create more time and energy in our lives.

Create More Time & Energy

  • What is the key to having more time? What about having more energy?
  • Why is listening to your body so important? What can it tell you?
  • How does your mindset, attitude and environment impact your DNA?
  • What is the first step to becoming aware of what you consume in life?
  • How do you know if you have good quality energy or poor quality energy?

To learn more about Elisabetta Faenza and her upcoming book, The Energy Code, visit www.ElisabettaFaenza.com where you can preorder your copy and as a special gift you’ll receive Elisabetta’s Sneak Peek Motivator Tips, absolutely free. Just click on The Energy Code icon, follow the prompts, and start getting more out of life today.

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