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Your Brilliant Blueprint for Success

Quantum physics

Deep inside you, inside your DNA, is an inherent Blueprint for Success. Everyone comes into this life with a blueprint for success, and your personal blueprint includes the capacity to bring to fruition the incredible life that you have always dreamed of.

Although I am a psychologist turned coach, my hobby for a number of decades has been the study of quantum physics and the practical effect of it in our lives. One of the greatest things about quantum physics is how it supports the idea that we are designed to succeed. What a concept!

I understand that the idea of success being programmed into each and every one of us can be a little hard to swallow – especially in times of upheaval and change. Actually that is exactly the time when it is most useful for you to check this concept out and then embrace it in your life!

Programmed success?

How do you know that success is already programmed into your DNA and my DNA and everyone’s DNA?  The first bit of evidence, and it is powerful, is that you are here, now, on this planet. This means that you are the end result of an amazing process of successful development over eons of time.

Darwin aside, the scientist Lamarck found that the organisms that survive are the organisms with the capacity to change and adapt, and all of our ancestors are individuals that successfully made that happen.

What makes this a useful concept to you today?

Well, what if you just graduated with a degree you find you can’t use. What if you find your relationship failing. What if you are simply bored with your job and want a new exciting life experience. What if you are simply not seeing any inkling of a Brilliant Blueprint for Success?

The answer lies in your belief systems

These are the ideas that you have taken in from your family and friends and teachers and community and they have created your mindsets. Your mindsets then shape how you respond to the situations in your life. The good news is that your mindsets are changeable – so, what do you choose to believe for yourself today?

You have within you all that you need to create the life you want – it already exists in your DNA. You have the capacity to install the new neurological hardware to replace the old limiting beliefs that you have overlaid in your body-mind. There is a simple, straightforward skill to use to clear your limiting programs and replace and restore your innate capacity for a fulfilled life.

You are never given a dream without also being given the capacity to make it so.

There is a simple method called The One Command – it is the place to play in The Quantum Field.

Here are 6 easy Steps to connect with your Original Blueprint for Success:

1.     Ground – close your eyes and send your energy down through your body, down through the planet to the core of the earth.

2.     Align – bring your energy back up through the earth and notice the light that comes down from above, through your body, down through the earth and beyond.

3.     Go to Theta – with your eyes always closed, let your eyes roll up into the top of your head (the Tibetan eye-roll) as you follow that light out into the deep black velvet of space, and now you are in the theta brainwave (at this brainwave level you are in direct contact with your subconscious and your DNA).

4.     Command – in theta say this One Command – I don’t know how I re-connect with my Original Blueprint for Success and open my path to the life I want, I only know I do so now, and I am fulfilled.

5.     Expand – and now relax your closed eyes as you move into the space of Expansion, that place of all resources, all information, all that you ever need.

6.     Receive in Gratitude – slowly move your energy back into your body and as you do, notice as you unwind your old limiting beliefs and rewind in your new, expansive, safe and lovely thoughts and beliefs into your DNA.

Coming from a background of Behavioral Psychology, and the study of metacognition and mindfulness, I was thrilled to find the easiest and best way to get to my Core beliefs about myself and tap into that inner greatness that we all have, was through this simple, straightforward process.

Let me know what experiences you have with The One Command, at step #4, just choose your own words – it could be anything you want, such as:

I don’t know how I have my ideal career…

I don’t know how I have my perfect partner…

I don’t know how I have a better paying job…

I don’t know how I have a villa in Tuscany… (my personal favorite).

Enjoy playing with the process and tap into Your own personal Blueprint for Success.

I look forward to your responses and I witness your mastery.


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