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You Can Make Massive Progress By Implementing What You Know

Those of us interested in personal development continuously want to learn and make progress in all areas of our lives. We seek out new books, courses, seminars, and videos that will teach us something new that could help us improve ourselves [...]

Let Your Own Power Propel You Across The Finish Line

We all like to win—to cross that finish line—once we’ve put ourselves in a competition. We all like to achieve our goals once we set them. And doing so is, indeed, important no matter if you compete against yourselves or against others. [...]

Go Ahead. Be Like A Kid In A Candy Store. Go For It All!

But how? Isn’t it just too tough out there? Aren’t there just too many competitors? The trick is to not to look.  Don’t see what’s standing in your way.   That’s called a brick wall and will surely stop you from bothering. But see [...]

Four Key Elements Of Health

Listen Here: Werner Berger is a Guinness World Records holder for the oldest person to have climbed the seven summits, including Mt. Everest.  After Werner’s Mt. Everest climb at age 69 he interviewed 40+ health experts to incorporate [...]
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Exploring the Last Frontier of Alaska: Hyderized!

“We can never have enough of nature. The sight of it must refresh us with inexhaustible vigor, vast and titanic features. The sea coast with its wrecks, the wilderness with its living and decaying trees, the thunder-clouds, and the rain, [...]

How To Achieve Success

Recently I attended New Media Expo. It’s a huge conference attended by bloggers and podcasters from all over the United States and the world. I was struck by the fact that the big keynote speaker they had on the last day was not a blogger [...]

Discover Your Why & Dissolve Your Why Nots

Listen Here: Kathy Sparrow is a self-leadership expert and message strategist, lead author of Ignite Your Leadership: Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results. She’s talking to us today about her [...]

Two Degrees Of Effort Over Time Equates To Exponential Results

Energetic people, dedicated people and individuals with passionate missions utilize the “Two Degrees of Effort Over Time” model in order to bring success into their lives. Introverted, quiet and even timid people engage the same model in [...]

Podcast: Determination

Keith Buff is an 18 year AVM survivor. Similar to a brain aneurism, it impacts all motor skills and doctors thought he would never walk, eat or talk clearly again. Keith, now a motivational speaker, tells the story of his journey to recovery [...]

You and Your Big Idea

Have a big idea? Had one and let it slip away because it’s too crazy, it won’t work, don’t have enough time, costs too much, family will disapprove – yeah, there are all kinds of good reasons why you shouldn’t go ahead with your big [...]

Four Personal Keys to Kick Off Your Year

It’s easy to kick off your year focusing on the big stuff you want to accomplish. You’ll find plenty of encouragement to make vast goals so you can attain great things, but as a coach I know that making big goals alone usually ends up [...]

What Sports Taught Me about My Business Plan and Yearly Goals

You’ve probably read plenty of headlines hawking that you need to plan your year wisely with success in mind. You’re told to make new resolutions that fix challenges, and you’ve heard the pumped up messages intended to inspire change [...]

Bottled Lightning: Skin Your Knees On Eternity

At the beginning of my presentations on “How to Live a Life of Adventure” at high schools, colleges, civic clubs and church groups, my first words exclaim, “I live a spectacular life!” After the audience digests such brash words, I invite [...]

Podcast: Using Your Fringe Hours to Do What You Love

Listen Here: Jessica Turner is a married mother-of-three who works full time, runs a popular lifestyle blog and still finds time to take care of herself and do the things she loves. Her first book, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You releases [...]

You Can Do That: The Key to Your Life’s Successful Path

Have you ever faced a situation that caused you to question yourself? Did you confront a teacher that you disliked or a fellow student who badgered you? Have you dwelt with co-workers that made you tear your hair out? Welcome to the human race! [...]

Societal Exhaustion In Our High Speed World: Slow It Down

You live in a high speed, high stress society. Everything ramps you up to meet deadlines, reach class on time and excel at work. You face texting, emails and Smart Phone recordings. If you’re a parent, you must take the kids to soccer practice, [...]

Podcast: Notice! Change Your Life Without Changing Your Routine

Listen Here: Margery Leveen Sher is the author of the newly released book The Noticer’s Guide to Living and Laughing: Change Your Life Without Changing Your Routine. Margery has divided the world into three parts – Amazing things to Notice, [...]

Bucket List, Here I Come!

Recently in one of my latest trips to the doctor the topic of discussion was what was new regarding my cancer. “Karen,” the doctor opened up her conversation, ‘Your cancer has spread to your liver. As it looks you have a few months to [...]

Coming Through The Fire: Your Road Less Traveled

By the time you reach your senior year in high school, it dawns on you that this life offers no easy path. You discovered the only way to succeed academically or athletically: study your butt off and/or practice your sport until your body felt [...]
Podcast: Miracle Morning! Transform Your Life Before 8AM

Podcast: Miracle Morning! Transform Your Life Before 8AM

Listen Here: Hal Elrod is the #1 bestselling author of what is being widely recognized as “one of the most life-changing books ever written” – The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life…Before [...]
Podcast: How To Step Out Of Your Own Shadow

Podcast: How To Step Out Of Your Own Shadow

Listen Here: Debbie Pokornik is the Chief Empowerment Officer for Empowering NRG which helps moms who struggle with a hectic home life transform their relationships so they are re-energized and fall back in love with their lives. Debbie [...]

Making Midlife Magnificent

Midlife doesn’t have to be a depressing time of your life even though your challenges are getting tough. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult. It can be something good and enjoyable. And it can be exciting, invigorating [...]

Do You Ever Follow Your Inspiration?

Have you ever thought that the world needs you to follow your inspiration? We should be true to ourselves and if we cannot put our heart into it, we need to take ourselves out of it.  It’s that simple. Ever had time to think about things [...]

Podcast: Flip Your Script: How To Reinvent Yourself & Live The Dream

Listen Here: Professional Re-inventer, Thai Nguyen, is a 5-Star Chef, International Kickboxer, Writer, Speaker, and Mindset-Transformation Coach. Thai was born in Vietnam, his family fled the country after the war, and settled in Australia. [...]

Podcast: Living Your Dreams

Listen Here: Susie Sanchez is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother best known for being a professional cheerleader in the NFL during the 2011-2012 season for the Oakland Raiders as a Raiderette. Defying all the odds, Susie journeyed an incredible [...]

Inspiration Created By Motivation

One of the hardest challenges I face is how to create motivation – how to keep things going when things get hard. I think the secret is not an external force, but an internal superpower called inspiration. When you are inspired, you will [...]

Cloud Talk—Sitting On A Cloud After You Passed Away

A few weeks ago, a preacher spoke about a new term that I never heard before: “Cloud talk—when you die, you elevate to heaven where you sit on a cloud. You may look down on the planet to see where you lived. You may contemplate what you [...]

How Johnny Manziel Empowered Himself – And You Can Too

Johnny Manziel, the 22nd pick in this year’s draft, went where no college player has gone before. Not in 78 years. The NFL draft started in 1936. Let’s do the Math. Well, math is not really my thing so let’s do the estimating thing. That [...]

Don’t Let Your Creative Tank Run Empty

Creativity needs constant fuel to produce its wonders. If you’re a creative type you probably know all about how you need to feed your artistic flair, but sometimes we run out of energy and we need a fast juicing. Here’s how to fill up your [...]

Obstacles Actually Help You on Your Career Success Journey

I’m an online career mentor. I send my subscribers daily success quotes. I don’t explain the quotes. Instead, I ask readers to think about the quote and how it applies to their lives and careers, and then to do something to put the [...]

Podcast: Say Yes To An Abundant Life!

Listen Here: Leslie Fonteyne is a Life Transformation catalyst and intuitive, who helps identify the energetic blocks and interferences that keep many of us from stepping into our full potential, into our incredibly powerful selves. Say Yes [...]

Podcast: Renovate Your Life

Listen Here: Michelle Neujahr is a a motivational speaker, business coach and assistant professor of business. She works with individuals and organizations ready to RENOVATE – to revive, renew and reinvigorate their life and [...]

Podcast: How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams

Listen Here: How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams What is the story behind the What’s Your Avocado? personal empowerment concept? Why is gaining clarity so important? What is the top tool you can use to gain clarity and why? How [...]

No Ordinary Moments: Your Epic Life

Every week in America, you read stories of amazing moments where ordinary people triumphed over failure. You may watch the “Biggest Loser” where a man or woman cut 150 pounds off his or her body to walk on stage looking fantastic in a suit [...]

Are You Living a Life Worth Remembering?

Totally blind in his teens, American Erik Weihenmayer became the first sightless person to climb Mount Everest. He continued until he climbed the highest peaks on all seven continents. Bob Wieland lost his legs to a bomb blast in Vietnam, but [...]