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You Can Make Massive Progress By Implementing What You Know

Those of us interested in personal development continuously want to learn and make progress in all areas of our lives.

We seek out new books, courses, seminars, and videos that will teach us something new that could help us improve ourselves or change our lives.

We are learningaholics.

We can’t seem to help ourselves. Once we finish one book or program, we go searching for another. We continually ask ourselves, “How can I make progress toward my goals? How can I become a better person? How can I improve my life?”

Can you relate?

You and I…we are a marketer’s dream! We purchase the ebooks, watch every webinar, and sign up for tons of online programs, many of which we never use. And then we opt in to purchase more of them…or get the free downloads and events. (No wonder we have so much email…)

And therein lies the point I want to make: There’s a time to stop learning (at least learning so much) and begin implementing what you learn. This is that time.

The Year of Implementation

I’ve got a computer filled with educational programs I’ve purchased…and not completed. If I finished them, I went on to the next program. I’ve got books I’ve read, started reading, and not read at all. The information went into my mind, and just remained there. It never entered my life.

I haven’t put everything I have learned to use. That’s why this year my focus in on implementation.

That means in the next 12 months I plan to use what I’ve learned to date. Why is this my focus? Because unused knowledge does not create any type of progress or change in myself or my life. On the other hand, used knowledge can result in massive changes.

Use What You Learn

What have you learned and not implemented? Make a list of all the things you said you wanted to do, learned how to do, but have never done.

Then prioritize the subjects based on what you want to accomplish in the New Year. (We can’t take action on everything we’ve learned…even in 12 months.) Then take action!

Maybe you learned how to cut sugar out of your diet, but you haven’t yet done so. Now is the time to take action. This is especially true if you want to lose weight or become healthier this year.

Or maybe you took a course about how to create a blog, but you still have no website even though you need one to start your new business. Commit to getting that website up and running (and write blog posts)!

Perhaps you attended a seminar about personal finance because you wanted to get out of debt and start saving for the future. Go back to your notes and review them. Then, put some of the tips and strategies to use.

Don’t Wait to Make Progress

You don’t have to take action on everything you’ve ever learned. But if you want to make massive progress in the New Year, take action on the things that will make the most significant difference in your life.

What implementation efforts will move you forward fastest? Imagine these actions like your foot on the gas pedal of a car. As you take action and push down on the accelerator, the car goes faster. Then you can steer it toward the destination you desire—better health, a new website, no debt, or whatever situation or area of your life you want to improve.

And don’t say you’ll implement “soon” or “later.” The New Year is a great time to make changes. Of course, you can make them at any time, but there will never be a better time.

All you have is now. So don’t wait. Start your implementation process immediately.

What have you learned that you will implement now to make huge progress in 2019? Tell me in a comment below.

Nina Amir is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.

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