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You and Your Big Idea

Have a big idea? You and Your Big Idea

Had one and let it slip away because it’s too crazy, it won’t work, don’t have enough time, costs too much, family will disapprove – yeah, there are all kinds of good reasons why you shouldn’t go ahead with your big idea.  Well, I’m here to convince you otherwise.

Your big idea plants itself in you and because it’s irrational (see reasons above), it’s a bit scary like a tsunami aha moment that your logical mind can’t wrap its head (read “your” head) around it.  First things first.  Unless you’re a master plagiarizer, no one else has had this big idea except you.  It’s uniquely yours – conjured up and quietly incubating within you.  You get excited thinking about it.  In a word, it makes you feel “alive”.

The great thing is, this big idea was meant for you and no one else.  It won’t leave you alone until you finally feel you can maybe do it because you start talking in the big idea’s language of emotion, soul and heart where the logical mind is excluded.  Once this emotional connection gets you hooked, you’ve got to do it no matter what.

Why are big ideas so compelling?

Yes, they’re uniquely yours first but – here’s the irony- your idea is bigger than you are.  The essence of a big idea is something greater that has meaning and purpose beyond your original intention.  In being bigger than you are, your big idea is not about you.  In fact, it has nothing to do with you.  You are merely the conduit, the steward, the vessel through which people and situations connect together to make the big idea happen.

And if someone asked you what specific plans you are making for your big idea, you could honestly answer, “I don’t know.  I don’t know where this is going to take me.”  This does not excuse you from any work, financial sacrifice or time spent on your part – quite the opposite.  What it does do is open up the possibilities and opportunities that will become available to you as a result of committing to your big idea. The “how” of it is not your responsibility; the readiness to embrace your big idea with everything you’ve got is.

You and your big idea are truly BIG.  The unfolding of such a partnership is risky, exciting, fatiguing, overwhelming and the best thing that could happen to you.  Why?  It is in such moments that life’s magic and grandeur manifests.  You get to have the thrill of peeking behind the curtain and seeing the universe at play with your special toy – your big idea.

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