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The Real Secrets of Manifesting

Podcast: The Real Secrets of Manifesting

Listen Here: Dyan Garris is a New Age recording artist and best-selling author of several self-help books including Money and Manifesting and Money and Manifesting II. She shares with us the missing link to manifesting that will help you discover [...]

Podcast: Ancient Secrets of Manifesting Revealed

Listen Here: Ken Elliot is the author of the award winning book, Manifesting 123, and you don’t need #3. Learn simple steps to eliminate worry and manifest the desires of your life with Manifesting 123! Ancient Secrets of Manifesting [...]

Manifesting A Truly Intentional Life Part 2

What does it take to manifest a truly intentional and happy life? Finding and releasing your poverty consciousness. This is part 2 of the manifesting blog. I hope you read part 1 with the exercises to get you started. What was the emotional [...]

Manifesting A Truly Intentional Life

To manifest a truly intentional life, first you have to know if you’ve got poverty consciousness. How do you know if you’ve got poverty consciousness? If you attempt to manifest wonderful things and happy moments and you’re [...]

Life is Magic – Manifesting Easy

Life is magic. This month we are in the luck of the Irish, the Easter Bunny, and Mercury has just gone direct. Why not today, visualize your pot of gold and what the end of your rainbow would look like. Manifesting is illusion and what better [...]