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Life is Magic – Manifesting Easy

Life is magic.

This month we are in the luck of the Irish, the Easter Bunny, and Mercury has just gone direct. Why not today, visualize your pot of gold and what the end of your rainbow would look like. Manifesting is illusion and what better year to do illusion than the year of The Female Water Snake. This year we can create anything we want.

However first, you must strip away the reality of “I can’t do that”; “good things will never happen to me”; “why does everyone else get all the good stuff”‘; “I have to work so hard”; “I am always struggling”; “I never have enough money”; or whatever bad words you use to put yourself down.

If this is the mindset that you have already manifested – very well! Stop it! Today say, “I strip away the illusion of_________________.” (say whatever negative mindset you feel is holding you back in your life.) Put these thoughts in a big floaty bubble. Put all your bad mindsets, thoughts, and language patterns in a bubble and blow it away from your mind and body.

Let’s play a game.

You are going to shift your body energy with a simple bottle of children’s bubbles. Allow yourself to become a child again. Allow your inner self to play and visualize and create like you used to before the weight of the world was revealed to you. Yes, that child is still there. Wanting and waiting to play…

First, you will need to go to the market and buy a pink or green bottle of children’s bubbles to blow.  The liquid is symbolic of your body and mind. If you don’t have the bubbles right now you can still play. HOWEVER, next time you are in the store…buy some. They are in the toy section!

Now, take your real or imaginary bubbles and go outside. Dip the wand (your conscious mind) into the pink or green (color of healing energy) plastic bottle (your subconscious mind). Visualize the liquid as your bad habits, words, or mindset. While the wand is in the bottle think of a mindset or bad habit you wish to pull from the bottle and get rid of.

Our emotions are so powerful.

They create our inner world that shows up in our outer world. So make sure your emotions are working in your favor. If you feel anger, jealousy, and pain to the core you will see that in your outer world. You will tend to blame others when you feel a struggle. Let’s shift that paradigm. Stop blaming others for the obstacles of your mind. No one controls your emotions except you. You possess the great power of the “I am”.

Take the wand and mix up the liquid.  Visualize any anger, jealousy, resentment, abandonment, loneliness, shyness, pain, or whatever, in the bottle. Now, with the wand, fish it out. As you pull the wand from the bottle, literally imagine that bad habit, mindset or negative thoughts coming with it – as if it is being drawn from the body, mind, and every memory cell that has ever stored it. Once you get it drawn from the bottle, look up at the heavens and blow. Blow and blow and watch those bubbles floating up into the sky taking that mindset to the heavens to be forgotten forever.

Each time a bubble pops it dissipates a bad habit or obstacle in your life. Allow that obstacle to leave your body and mind as easily as the bubbles pop. This is how easy it can be. You created it, you can un-create it. Watch it become a distant memory, smaller and smaller and unimportant to your well-being.  The bubbles are your healing tools allowing all the muck in your head and body to be dispelled so can feel complete happiness, joy, and love to the core. The outer world becomes pinker and shinier.  You are now seeing you and the world in a more abundant light.  You know now that no mind pattern can ever stop you again.

Repeat this exercise as many times as you need to strip away the illusions of, “I don’t deserve”, “I am not good enough”, or “I don’t get the good things life has to offer.” That is the lie you have been telling yourself. You know now that when you want something badly enough, no doubt within your emotions will ever stop you again.

When the doubt does raise it ugly head again, you will stop, close your eyes, see your imaginary obstacle, and remember the emotion of the last time you put the negativity in the bubble, and again put this doubt in a bubble, and float it to the heavens. When it pops, you will have your answer!

When you get your head in the right place and believe in magic, it happens. All you have to do is BELIEVE, ACCEPT, and say “THANK YOU”. Over and over and over!

People ask me all the time how I am able to just manifest what I need. For me, it started as child. I grew up poor. My grandfather had National Geographic magazines that I would read. As I read them, I imagined myself in those places. I became so good at it, I would mind-travel. I would see myself dressed a certain way and have plenty of money to spend on food, beautiful houses, and clothes. As a child, I told myself I would travel to these places and have these things when I grew up. Now as an adult I actually have traveled to some of the places I visited in my head as a child. I own two homes and I have eaten at plenty of amazing places with all varieties of food. I love exotic clothes. I speak of this journey  in my book, “The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui“.   Interestingly enough as I write this, I can still place myself in the emotions and excitement of reading the National Geographic’s as a child. I manifested as a child in my child’s mind, this life I am living today.

So my answer to the question of how I manifest is this: my passion started as small child and I learned to place my body in those places mentally first and physically manifested them second.

There is a lust in manifesting. I recommend visions boards to bring this lust to life. Visions board truly can make your life magic. Each year, I make a vision board of the things I want to do. A bucket list so to speak. One is never too young for a bucket list. Most of my bucket list or something better usually do come to pass. Sometimes, when I write my wants and desires down, they seem so unbelievable but then when they manifest, it is so surreal.

Feng Shui is an amazing tool when you set up your home to mirror your desires and dreams of your vision board. Don’t be shy. Tell the world what you want. No fear, just faith that it will happen. Be bizarre, dream big.

Jim Carry said he once wrote himself a ten million dollar check when he was broke in hopes of one day cashing it. Look at him now! I am actually working my way to cashing a forty million dollar check so I will be financially independent. That is my dream – an abundance of health, happiness, and financial independence with my family and friends with back-end money coming in all the time. Not sure why forty million but it felt right at the time. : )

Dream big! There is no shame in abundance as long as you are pure of heart and hurt no one in your quest. Money and wealth is energy. What can you do with it? Poverty and struggle are also energy. What can you with it? Choose the energy that you want to be. It truly is your choice.

The key to manifesting is to believe it with your emotions; feel it with your emotions, and materialize it with your emotions. Imagine what it will feel like as it is happening. Mind travel to it. Feel it with such a deep desire – lust – if you will. TALK about it out loud as you see it unfolding in your mind. It will happen. Just expect it to happen. Believe it can happen for you!

It is magic! You are Magic!

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