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Adam and Eve, Unconditional Love, Animal Inspiration, and Happy Couples

Adam and Eve, Unconditional Love, Animal Inspiration, and Happy Couples

Reading the Bible from Oneness When we awaken into states of unconditional oneness, the bible takes on new meanings. Misinterpretations are replaced with understandings born of love. As an animal intuitive this has been bought to my attention [...]

Change Others Unsuccessfuly to Stay in Your Box..Or Burst Free into Evolutionary Warmth!

Why do we try to change others’ realities for our own comfort? If they become what we wish will we really be happy? What if everything that happens is pointing us toward our fullness? What if rejection, unexpected reactions, or changes [...]
Menopause Rocks

Menopause Rocks

Each human and each animal experiencing menopause (pause from menses) is unique. There are also shared similarities. Here is my personal experience. For forty years I bleed each month. I feel deep passion surging through me. Impelled to creatively [...]

Packing My Love to Go with Me

2016. My time finding my main home in Santa Cruz is up. The living room has flooded.  The over grown traffic has driven through my partnership with  ocean-air! Winds usher me to another town. I will continue to offer sessions to clients [...]

Confessions of a Shy Girl

Let’s set the bar straight. Everyone loves each other. Everyone watches one another. We all like each other. We are intrigued by one another. Forget what you think or what so and so said. This love and like is inherent. Cats and dogs show [...]

I Am My Problem: Now What?

Upon realizing we source our difficulties we may feel trapped. Good news is this realization can instigate change to benefit us for life. Self-honesty to identify ourselves as our own challenge is courageous, bringing rewards. Once we realize [...]

Peace Born Of Itself

Most humans, just about all of us, are addicted to a variety of maps we assume necessary for our happiness. Having worked with people on successfully creating positive personal transformation for a couple of decades, I have found this to be [...]

Journey Through Human & Animal Hearts

Giving 15 minute, free, mini reading and healing sessions for animals and humans is a deep, fulfilling journey. Names are changed to respect confidentiality. It began last week. 44 people signed up. I welcome more. The process brings me deeper [...]

Therapy As Creation, Not Compost!

Some therapists and clients think that therapy is only a compost bucket. Tell the therapist how bad life is and get better. Dig up the details on a past trauma and feel healed. This is not true. As you emphasize what is wrong with your life, [...]

Some Times We Only Need Patient Witnessing

Sometimes, being patiently witnessed will heal our wounds. Sometimes, being quietly embraced will solve our difficulties. Being loved instead of labeled with a psychological diagnosis can be the quickest kind of therapy. What an honor it was [...]

People & Animals Heal From Open-Hearted Love

People come to me to heal hurt hearts from family dynamics (both human and animal). Heart-openings begin with tenderness toward what one finds in his/her own self! Occasionally, someone assumes I will “fix” their animal or spouse! Somebody [...]

Podcast: The Broken Heart’s Solution

JenningsWire blogger, Dr. Laurie Moore, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has helped countless people heal from broken hearts, no matter how deeply torn inside they felt. In this podcast, Laurie discusses “The Broken Heart’s [...]

The Broken Heart’s Solution

Having helped several broken-hearted folks today, I’m reflecting. Hi Gals and Guys: How common this challenge is! Everyone’s gone through it. Thinking fondly of you, my friends, as though you are my children, wishing I could give you a lifetime [...]

You Are Fine My Dear, Forget What The Psychology Book Said

Enjoy taking a warm steam-bath full of vanilla and honeysuckle? Imagine vines of these flowers and pods around you, favorite music playing in the background. Delicious, yes? Maybe you’re more active. Your equivalent might be a brisk bike ride, [...]